I'm 17, attracted to a 15 year old girl I just met.

    • I'm 17, attracted to a 15 year old girl I just met.

      Hello, I need some advice as I can't stop thinking about this. I have been in virtual school for the past 3 years and have not had any social interaction. One of my old friends from middle school recently just got back in contact with me and we have been hanging out. Tonight, we had a birthday dinner as she was turning 18. She brought a friend that I instantly thought was beautiful. We talked and I asked her how old she was... 15. My heart was crushed, I thought she would be around my age as she is best friends with my 18 year old friend. First of all, I can't tell if she likes me or not. I can see it in my peripheral vision that she looks at me a lot, almost like a stare. When I look at her, we lock eyes for half a second then she looks away. I talked to her a lot about how she became friends with my 18 year old friend and such. I told her I liked her laugh and she smiled and said thank you. I love her personality, face, but I am not looking for sexual contact as she is a bit younger, I do not want to do something with someone that might be naive. I said we should all go bowling sometime and she said that would be great. What should I do to make an even better impression. Should I date her or is it morally wrong since she is 2 years younger?
    • I agree with the former replies. You sound like you have good intentions. Stay a nice guy, don't push her to anything and do some things together. Time will show if you are comfortable around each other.
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