Sex toys at home

    • DontJudgeMe wrote:

      Hi! Can soneone recommend me things that can be found at home that i can use as a sex toy?? Specially for a virgin like me.
      Can you share what and how to do it. Thanks
      Are you male or female?

      Edit: Since your other reply implies that you're female, you could try some things.
      A lot of things that vibrate can be used on your clit, such as the handle or non-brush side of the end of an electric toothbrush (not the brush bit of course), a phone, a back massager, a game controller.
      You can also use running water to stimulate your clit. A shower head, sitting under a tap in the bath and moving in front of a jet in a spa could work.
      You could also just try to stimulate yourself by humping things like pillows, stuffed toy animals or a rolled up blanket.
      If you want something to use inside your vagina, a lot of girls use the handle of a hairbrush. You could also use markers, candle or a carrot. Just make sure that they're clean and don't have sharp edges.
      For butt stuff, you want to make sure you use lubricant and anything you put back there is smooth. You should also never put anything back there that doesn't have a big bit at the outside end that will stop it from going all the way in. And stuff that goes in the butt shouldn't ever go in the vagina after.
      Ideally, you'd cover anything that's going inside you with a condom.
      What's up, my dudes?