Using nails to self harm?

    • Using nails to self harm?

      Hi. I have very big nails. Sometimes when I feel axious, sad,threatened or whatever I tend to hide and release my pain by digging very deep into my skin with my nails. I sharpen them on purpouse I don't want to cut them soon. My friends think it's cool having such big nails,but little do they know why I still have them on my fingers. At the moment I have a shit-ton of scars and wounds on my arms (mostly my left one) and I know this habit has to end soon enough.
      Once I felt worse than ever and even made a huge wound with a kitchen knife. Mom still hasn't found out about it though. She found out last year when I began to scratch the back of my neck with my nails again with the mindset of releasing pain. She wanted to bring me to a psychologist,but I refused. I'm scared of telling her I have a mental problem.What should I do?
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    • I agree with L Rae.
      Seek help. If your trust your mom, tell her about your feelings. If you are too scared you could talk to a teacher at your school that is assigned for such topics.
      It's dangerous to hurt yourself to release mental stress and pain. And it doesn't help you in the long run. Talking to a psychologist can help you.
      Also talking with some one close to you, a friend or a family member, can help you to deal with things that trouble your mind.
      I wish you the strength to defeat your pain :)
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