Advice pls

    • Heyoo so I'm new here so idk how this works so I'll just get into the story.
      So for 3 months now I have a crush and I can't get it of my mind.
      I'm 17 year old girl who is insecure about her sexuality so idk what to say about that.
      I have a crush on my professor,and she is an 40+ year old women. I know that this sound little homophobic but it isn't, I'm not used to it so I'm akward about that.
      I'm starting to fantasy about her in sexual way and idk what to do. Now are summer holidays but I'm scared to go to school in fall bc everytime someone say something about school I think about her.
      I allways thought that I'm heterosexual bc I used to have boyfriends and I did not even admit it to myself bc it's stressful for me.
      Idk really what is my sexuality but want to discover so Im little bit anexious about that.
      So do you have some advice for me bc idk how to handle it??
      Ly <3
    • Hey Sara. Welcome to the forum! :)

      It seems like you really are bisexual. You don't have to worry or feel awkward about it. You just like both genders. So that's good for you because you have more people to choose from :)
      For example: I am heterosexual, so i am only attracted to females and therefore have fewer options to find a partner then you have.
      Your sexuality is nothing strange or wrong. It's part of you and completely normal and healthy :)

      It's not so uncommon for students to get attracted to their teachers or professors. I bet she looks hot ;)
      But, and i am sorry for destroying your dreams, it unlikely she will get involved in anything with you. First not all older people like teenagers. And second: it's against the law. Teachers and students are forbidden to start relationships. It's ok to fantasize about her but nothing more will or should happen.

      Try to find either girls/boys your age or look for women/men outside of school.
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    • You could be bisexual (you like both genders) or homosexual (lesbian here) but nothing to worry about and don’t stress over it, try to find other boys and girls to talk with and see if you’d be more attracted by girls or boys or both. And about your professor, I think it’s not a good idea... try to meet other people that aren’t proffessors, or family... I know it’s not too easy to get over a crush but I’m sure you can do it because there are billions of great people on earth! I wish you good luck and all the best in your relationships and life in general!