sex story part 1

    • sex story part 1

      About a week ago, when I was about to leave for office, I accidentally looked up and watched someone walking toward my wife who was going to ride our car. Incidentally at that time I was already in the car and was about to step on the gas pedal. Apparently the Ci Ana. He happened to be going in the opposite direction. When it passes, Wow ... You know the breasts. I never thought he had big breasts. It seems bigger than my wife.
      All the way to the office, my body feels cold hot thinking about her breasts. Oh ... I wish I had a chance ... I want to sleep with him ... or at least if he doesn't want to, I will force him. I want to enjoy her breasts. The person is beautiful, tall and white. Even though I had glasses, I could see the woman seemed to have a high sex drive. Either it is just my imagination or it really is. Apparently the opportunity finally came too.
    • Nice story. You have to work on your English a bit.
      Maybe this will happen to you some day ( i guess it's not about you, because you are 14 and therefor can't drive a car or work at an office )
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