Coffee turns out to make the spirit of exercise!

    • Coffee turns out to make the spirit of exercise!

      I think coffee can only reduce sleepiness, apparently when we drink coffee we can also become a sporting spirit bro. How could that be? And when is the right time we have to enjoy a cup of coffee?

      If we want to use coffee as a "sports supplement" we can not only rely on one cup of coffee in the morning. The key is time.

      The effect of the coffee we drink may already be felt at the first gulp, but that does not mean it actually actually enters our body system.

      Why the effect of coffee can be felt on our bodies, it is because coffee will awaken the human body by spreading caffeine throughout the body through our bloodstream and it takes approximately five to six hours. At that time, the stimulating effect of chemicals from coffee will work on the body.

      So, if you want to feel the peak of caffeine in your body when you want to exercise, drink coffee 45 minutes before exercising.

      Studies show, the maximum concentration of caffeine reaches about 45 minutes after consumption. After that, the body burns caffeine, then the effect gradually decreases.

      If you want to drink coffee, according to the Mayo Clinic recommendations, be sure not to exceed 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, or the equivalent of four cups of coffee.

      Reporting from Men 's Health, nutritionist Megan Medrano of Run Whole Nutrition said, consumption of caffeine can improve performance during intense exercise that lasts 5 to 20 minutes - while coupled with eating.

      "The body still needs enough carbohydrates, fats and proteins to strengthen through all sports activities," Medrano said.

      Certified fitness center trainer, Brennan Mejia, chooses coffee when wanting an extra boost before exercising.

      Mejia said, chemicals in coffee have many positive benefits, ranging from raising energy levels to mobilizing free fatty acids.