Surprising Facts About Teens Today, Moms and Dads Must Know.

    • Surprising Facts About Teens Today, Moms and Dads Must Know.

      In commemoration of the World Youth Health Week which falls every March 18-24, the Indonesian Pediatrician Association (IDAI) together with the Indonesian Ministry of Health outlines health problems that are often faced by adolescents today. Teenagers who are often seen as the healthiest group, in fact actually have a poor condition.

      This was revealed by Dr. Eni Gustina, MPH, Director of Family Health Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia in the seminar 'Adolescents and Health Perspectives' on Friday (16/3). "Although it looks fit, but from the vision of adolescent health at this time the condition is of concern," he said.

      Eni explained that at least a number of infectious and non-communicable diseases overshadow the health of adolescents today.

      For example, such as diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, tuberculosis, HIV, and even mental health.
      Concerns about the health conditions of adolescents at this time can not be separated from a number of risk behaviors that teens often do every day

      Where according to the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) and the Global School Health Suvey Ministry of Health in 2015, there are at least 10 risk behaviors that can cause disruption in adolescent health at this time.