A Note on Youth, Sexuality, and Digital Technology.

    • A Note on Youth, Sexuality, and Digital Technology.

      Teenagers in every age need a different approach, as well as teenagers
      today who are very familiar with digital technology. Massive
      technological developments have changed the way communication becomes
      more intense in cyberspace. Similarly, the attitudes and perspectives of
      adolescents on sexuality and about sex are considered more open
      (liberal) with the opening of opportunities to develop relationships
      with the opposite sex, dating, to having sex like people who are
      married. In the West, having a newly married child is common, but in
      Indonesia, such style or culture is considered shameful or a disgrace
      that defames a family's reputation.

      It's not easy to be a child in the digital era that is currently
      stretching. So much information is overflowing, it can change a child's
      perspective on the truth. Massive media exposure can change black to
      white, and vice versa. This is where children need provisions (values)
      that need to be known when they are dealing with two consequences of the
      presence of the new media, namely freedom and interactivity.