Video parody of Miley Cyrus Crowded on YouTube

    • Video parody of Miley Cyrus Crowded on YouTube

      The behavior of the artist Miley Cyrus seems to attract the attention of many people. After his flurry of action at the Video Music Awards event came under fire, before long he was reaping the sensation with his latest music video, Wrecking Ball.

      In the video, Cyrus is determined to be completely naked while hanging on a building demolition tool. The action this time also reap various responses from many parties.

      Seeing the "strange" behavior of Cyrus, a BBC radio host named Greg James, made a parody of the music video. He even used bright red lipstick, boots, climbed onto the machine. And worse, he was also naked.

      This parody video uploaded on Sunday, September 13, 2013, won 19.3 million visitors in 24 hours. Various comments were floating for him. There are those who praise and those who insult.

      "Wow ... this is really great. It's better than Cyrus video," explained one of his account customers. However, there are also those who commented scathingly, "Hey ... grow up ...! This is disgusting."

      But apparently, the "Cyrus" virus doesn't stop there. Before long, a YouTubers made another parody. This time, he uploaded a video of Cyrus replacing the woman's face with the face of veteran actor Nicolas Cage. Expressions that don't "fit" on Cage's face edits instead make this video funny.

      Although the duration is only 8 seconds, since Saturday, September 13, 2013, this video has been viewed by 3 million visitors. This version of Nicolas Cage is being talked about at various community sites and online jokes.

      I wonder what makes some parties want to make this parody, but it does lead to mere entertainment. Meanwhile, Cyrus's original video broke Vevo's record, which saw 19 million visitors in 24 hours.