How do I become a favorite employee but still have life balance?

    • How do I become a favorite employee but still have life balance?

      When you were a child or when you were in school, you often thought that work was good, you could have your own money. In fact, work is not always good. Either his coworkers make him uncomfortable, his work difficult, or overtime? Basically, every job there must be challenges. Then how do you make it possible for you to have a good career but not stressed out and be able to build a good social life? Try these tips!

      1. Master the Field of Work

      Master your duties and responsibilities at work. Because if you don't master the area that is your responsibility, you will definitely make a lot of mistakes or ask lots of questions to your coworkers. This can disturb and hinder work in the office. So, before applying for a job, you should already know what your job will be like and try to keep learning.

      2. Always Friendly & Ready to Help

      There are times when the work comes in such a large amount that it is difficult to do on time. Well, if your friend experiences this, offer help that you might do. Be a friendly person so that friends feel at home and don't hesitate to you. But, you must know yourself too. Do not just because you are trying to help, then when there are friends who are lazy to ask for help, you just help. If the work becomes stressful because of laziness, the consequences will be, don't be lazy

      3. Maintaining Health so that Full Absence

      In order to do all the daily activities, you need a healthy body. So, always take care of your health. Although busy with work, do not forget to eat on time, diligently drinking water, adequate rest, and take time to exercise. It is also important to have insurance just in case if you fall down one time attacked by disease, you do not have to bother thinking about the cost of treatment. Enough positive thinking, focus on healing, and leave the matter of medical expenses to insurance.