Morning Erection, Is it a Healthy Sign?

    • Morning Erection, Is it a Healthy Sign?

      You, especially the men must have experienced when the morning woke up suddenly met his penis standing by itself. Most of us may be confused about why this can happen when there is no sexual stimulation that accompanies Mr. This P before.

      For those who are young, the construction of the penis may not be a big problem. Of course, because the age is still young, sexual arousal is still ok and the spirit is still burning. But it is different for older men, especially in their 50s and above, having a distended stomach, and having diabetes again. Still lucky to have sexual arousal, especially until the penis stands up challenging.

      The doctors, especially in the field of sexual medicine, revealed, the problem of the establishment of Mr.P became an important marker. There are a number of criteria that a person must meet to be said to be in shape. One of them still ignites sexual arousal. This occurs due to the presence of a sexual hormone, testosterone.

      Therefore, Prof. Wimpie Pangkahila, Sp.And, a sexologist from Udayana University, Bali revealed that erections in the morning are a sign that sex hormones, testosterone released at night are still left in the morning. You still have this hormone. No wonder if this erection does not need to be preceded by stimulation and lust.

      According to Wimpie, the presence of this hormone is an important marker for men. Because of this hormone men can still be sexually aroused, as well as mark their general health. If this hormone is reduced, decreased arousal, erectile ability and the general health will not be optimal. This hormone deficiency is called hypogonadis. In addition to decreasing sex drive, overall quality of life also decreases. There are also many diseases that tend to slow down in the body.

      As presented by Dr. Cheng Wei Chen, a member of the International Society of the Study of Aging Male, Chairman of the Thompson Medical Group and chair of the Medical Panel for the Elderly Health Program at Thomson Medical Center Hospital, Singapore, being fit means having a healthy and energetic body function. This condition can be achieved by;

      * Enough sleep for approximately 8 hours per day.
      * Eat enough, not excessive, be careful in choosing foods.
      * Enough exercise.
      * Have enough rest and recreation, relaxing the mind and body.