The "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Sex Scene Grows Controversy, This Said Taron Egerton.

    • The "Kingsman: The Golden Circle" Sex Scene Grows Controversy, This Said Taron Egerton.

      Kingsman: The Golden Circle "has been aired in a number of countries, including Indonesia. But apparently, there is a scene in this film that is reaping the controversy. Namely, intimate scenes performed by the character Eggys (Taron Egerton.

      It is said, Eggys had to install a bugging device to spy on his opponent. However, to include this high-tech device, Eggys must make out with a woman.

      The angle of shooting and portrayal of the scene was considered too vulgar. However, according to Taron Egerton, that is indeed the hallmark of Matthew (Vaughn) directing.

      "That's what Matthew [Vaughn] did, this is his trademark," Egerton told Screenrant. "He likes to do something surprising."

      Quoting AceShowbiz, Taron Egerton then gave the example of the film "Kick-Ass" which was also directed by Matthew. In the film, Chloe Moretz, who is still a minor, uttered insulting curses. While in the first film "Kingsman", the director took a picture of the Swedish Princess's buttocks played by Hanna Alstrom.

      Egerton then explained how the intimate scene was taken. "That was a day I was very afraid of," he said. "I was very worried before I did and Matthew didn't tell me that I wasn't actually going to be in the scene."

      "The way it was explained in the text was like 'What will I do?' But it's not me, it's the POV (Point of View), "he added. "In this place, I'm shooting and I say to Matthew, 'I'm not comfortable doing this.' So what appeared in the film was not my hand, but the hand of Poppy Delevingne's husband, he saved the world. "