Unique facts about sex life in Japan.

    • Unique facts about sex life in Japan.

      Unique facts about sex life in Japan: Japan is one of the countries with the largest adult film industry in the world. Even the sex film industry in Japan ranks second most after the automotive industry. Japan is indeed included in the title of one of the countries producing beautiful women. No wonder the sex life in this country is quite high. The height of sex life in this country, even girls and teenage men in Japan have never tasted the pleasure of having sex. For more details, please read the nine unique facts about sex in Japan as follows.

      1. As many as 94% of women in Japan This is no longer a virgin.
      2. 78% of men in Japan do not want to be friends with boys who are still virgins.
      3. 75% of Japanese men fight 3-4 times on average in their lives.
      4. 67% of high school sex in Japan is known by their parents.
      5. 56% of Japanese women give up their virginity when high school is in high school.
      6. 40% of Japanese women give their virginity to their friends not their girlfriends.
      7. 34% of sex in Japan is incest (incest) incest.
      8. 6% of women in Japan are still virgins for reasons such as lack of physical deficiencies or beautiful disabilities.
      9. Condoms are the best-selling item in Japan.

      So, will our beloved country follow life in Japan with its high free sex? It all depends on the youth in our country. So, still uphold a bright future for a better life. May be useful.