New School No Friends

    • New School No Friends

      Id like to know how to make new friends in a new school. This year i got move to another school were i don't really know much of the people. I tried to socialize with some classmate and it was good at first but then it got weird. I don't know how to start a conversion with someone new cause i think id bother or annoy them, the fact that i don't speak german very good doesn't help as i live in germany and go to a german school. I usually don't mind being alone during break time but it start to get a little bit boring.
      I want some advice to find some friends, im an introvert btw.
    • I'm an introvert too, so i know a little bit how you feel.
      Therefor i can't tell you much that could help you. What i can tell you is this: don't pretend to be someone else, stay yourself. People hate it, when others just pretend. Also be honest.
      Try to spot things that show you your classmates interests. If you share an interest, you could talk about it. You feel much safer if you talk about something you know about.
      Good luck at finding friends! :)
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    • like others have said having stuff in common is always good because it at least gives you something to talk about. Since there is a language issue maybe seek out people that speak a language that you are more comfortable with and you can help you.

      You can also lean into being the new kid and use that as an excuse for not knowing what to do etc, You aren't trying to bother them, you are just new:)
    • I was often the new guy at school, but always made new friends quickly. It was kinda my thing to get used to new ppl. Just find sorta balance between approaching to people and keeping your distance so you doesn't appear kinda obtrusive.

      Mostly by chance, I talked to different people, just chatting, and after a while, most of them could reasonably assess me and so we chatted more often and someday someone came up with if we could do something together after school or such. It's a slightly progress. And at some point some of these people were my friends.

      You just have to take time and should not force it being friends. That never works. Above all, you somehow should always be present among your peers, even if you are only observing what is going on.

      I really think that one should be able to speak a foreign language as good as possible, espacially when one lives in a foreign country. Because it increases the chances to become more familiar with native people.

      So I suppose it could be a good idea to make that a topic, at least for a certain time. Find someone to help you become more familiar with the German language. You don't necessarily have to speak it perfectly, but when others see that you want to be able to speak it better, they are more willing to help you out. And then usually conversations arise by themselves.