How are you living

    • Our new home is situated in the hills, seemingly a very remote place, but not even half an hour away from downtown Victoria, BC. Of course just by car.

      A few miles away in our back we've the "great wilderness" which is considered bear-country. Besides possible bear encounters every camper and hiker should take in account cougars encounters too.
    • pauline wrote:

      It sounds lovely. It's like one big playground (except it's probably a lot of work - and sometimes dangerous). ;( ^^
      It is very nice out here, summers swimming in the lake at winter snowboarding skiing and ice skating, but also hard work special in de summer collecting wood for the stove helping with outside repairs collecting things for the winter I've been born here I doesn't know much about other living. It could be dangerous if you not pass on the circumstances out here, we are here alone civilization starts about 22 km from here ( little city )so we have not easy help, and at school when and in the city when I see how people there are living and I see my self how I live, I live more in the way as an animal, wearing fur pelts. also on school with the others wo are living in the city well organized, that in the way as we live we are more stronger than them have better fiscal condition stronger health, good surviving technics, and they ar very smoother than I am, I'm more rougher and also being in society I am more animalistic/bestial than a typical city human.Also as I see my mom, she's living here also all off her life ( she is born here also ) and she's coming not so often into civilization, she's wearing furs all the year if I see her and compare with people what I met in the city than I see my mom in all her manners of living. she became in all those years off living here an typical animal with human manners than a human with some animal manners ( does you understand what I mean) and I discussed a lot and will also go that way, on this moment I'm going to school and to the city for it each day and come in contact with civilization but when school is over I want close that door and withdraw from that area. And I will take some steps now, I'm wearing now conventional clothing ( mostly onesies) and fur pelts, I have now a complete new fur pelts to wear ( the old ones fits not so good )the new ones fits so good that it feels like real skin, now we let make spare fur pelts when these are fitting so good as well than I going to wear fur pelts only to look like more as an animal than I want to be trained by my mom more and deeper into animal manners of living so that I had become at last an animal with human manners.
    • in a town 45 minutes (by car) from the center of big city , near the beach and mountains (tourist town ) in a private condominium with a very large and green area with golf, hotel luxury tennis courts, swimming pool and private houses/villa (most with swimming pool) and with a lot of security (the same as Catarina and Constança and others loll ) with my large family: : i am ( me 11 years) my mother my mother's new boyfriend / husband my sisters and brothers (my mother's new husband / boyfriend) 7 years old ( girl), 9 years old (boy), 11 years old (girl) and 13 years( boy) old and 15 (girl), the dog ( 2 years) and the fish (I don't know the age)... (soon i will have a brother or sister ...) near our private school, shooping mall , supermarket