Acne scar on my face

    • Acne scar on my face

      Hi. A week ago I think, a small pimple showed up on my face. I have problem with acne so I didn't take care about it, but three days ago, I wanted to get rid of it and popped it. The pimple had lot of pus and blood. Later, big scrub were on its place with little red pimple. I kept rubbing into it some hydrating cream to not scar it. Yesterday, while I was sleeping, the scrub fell of and I have pink scar beneath it. Can I help it, or will it be there forever? It's really big and close to my nose, so it's very visible.
    • When a scab falls off, it's normal to have pink skin (the dermis) underneath it.

      As the skin further heals, the pink skin will eventually look like the rest of the skin surrounding it.

      I would keep that area of skin out of the sun (to prevent scaring). I wouldn't rub hydrating cream on the area, though, because that is for moisturizing our outer layer of skin (the epidermis). The cream may contain chemicals that we wouldn't want absorbed into the body through the dermis. If the pink skin (and/or the skin surrounding the pink area) is dry, I would clean the area with soap and water and (while the skin is still wet/moist), gently rub in a tiny amount of cooking oil such as vegetable, canola, olive oil, etc. into the skin.

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