Religious Barrier?

    • Religious Barrier?

      Hi there - my girlfriend who I've been with for over 1.5 years now makes me so damn happy every time I see her and I know it sounds super cliche, but I honestly feel like she's the one I want to put a ring on when I'm older :). However, after 18 months she still hasn't told her parents us being together because I am a born Hindu of athiest beliefs while her family are faithful Muslims and there is an expected refusal and non-accordance of our relationship being condoned by her parents as a result. Her mum found out after there was a hickey on her one time after she came back from school but she has decided to forget about it as she is too ashamed to recollect the memory. Her mum is so disgusted that she's ashamed to even tell her own husband. So we are in this no man's land where we are supposed to not see each other anymore but we just can't help it because we are too in love.

      I know it was a big mistake she didn't try to tell her parents in the first place and she shouldn't have stretched it on this far because something like this was inevitable, but we can't change the past so does anyone have any helpful recommendations about what we can do now?

      Keep in mind we are in year 12 (or 12th grade) and we both are trying to get into medicine which requires crazy amount of study so it can't be anything that causes some serious distress in our lives that throws us off too much.

      Thank you :)
    • I would love to tell you "ignore religion if you love each other." But i know in reality there are still stubborn humans who think religions can't be combined. It's sad. If it isn't too long until you both live near the university you could stay quiet until then. And if you are living somewhere else you could tell you parents. But i don't know if that could work out.
      I hope you find a way.
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    • We both don't live too far away from the uni we are both planning to go to so hopefully by then things will blow over and her parents will accept the fact that she is an adult and can choose what she wants whilst still maintaining her religious faithfulness.

      About studying, we definitely have helped each other over the course of the last 1.5 years and we've both seen improvements in academic results which shows we really work as a team well. However whenever there are 'close calls' or lies that she has to make up it really makes her feel guilty and anxious which takes away from her learning and often her sleep and emotional wellbeing. I'm just trying to see if there's something I haven't seen yet that can temporarily guarantee that there will be a significantly lesser amount of emotional distress that affects the both of us in the coming year.

      Thank you for responding though :)