does anyone else get random panic impulses?

    • does anyone else get random panic impulses?

      i was just trying to take dinner out of the oven and after i opened it i was breathing very fast and my vision was unfocused and i tried to choke myself with the dishtowel i was using. i didn't even think about it. i just lost control. i feel like i'm losing my mind. my neck is bruised now
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    • Hey Mori. What you describe sounds very serious and dangerous for yourself. I am not experiencing this but i know a person who looses control too. If you have a good relationship with any adult, preferably your parents, you should talk to them about that. I think you should seek professional help by doctors.
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    • Thoughts -- yes. Impulses -- no. Sometimes I feel anger or... panick, yes, or something impulsive, but mostly I can "get along with myself" thinking about the stuff and calming by breathing slowly and deeply and when I can't -- people around usually helps me to restore my "connection with reality"...

      But if your impulses apearing momentarily, that's truey need profesional eye and opinion. Psichologists are cool. Actually, I have friends that studied psichology and thay support me frequently.