• Me and my gf really wanna have sex but she has to abstain for religious reasons. However, today she surprised me by asking if I'd like to do anal instead (kind of defeats the morals of not having sex anyway lol but whatever). If anyone has done anal can you tell me whether it's worth it for the girl or not because I heard it hurts big time and I don't want her to do something and get hurt just because she wants me to be happy and because shes sexually intrigued.
    • It depends on multiple factors, such as your size, how tight she is, how turned on she is, if she even enjoys snap stimulation, or much lube (or saliva) position and even how relaxed you both are.
      If you guys do go ahead and try this, here is a few tips that I have figured out from personal experience. Firstly start to relax her and loosen her up by fingering her or using a toy if she has one. Second, don't be afraid of using too much lube as I am not sure that is possible. Take your time for both of you, it will allow you both to be as relaxed as possible once she starts to adjust to having anything in her ass. Try not to throb as you are easing in and just let your natural state of hardness be enough for you to slide in as if she is having a little bit of trouble adjusting to you already then you throbbing will just make it alot worse. Let her dictate the pace not only for how quickly to slide in but you initial stroke depth and speed. Lastly the position that I have found to be the most comfortable for the girl was when we have both been sitting up and she squats down onto me slowly taking me into her.
      It can be very enjoyable for you both if done right and you are both in to it. If there is any girls out there that may add their experiences and or knowledge to this, I think alot of guys and girls would greatly appreciate it.
    • it all depends on how comfortable and relaxed you both are. Also how successful your attempts are. If it is too painful for her don't try to rush it and take things slow. Enjoy each other and progress things slowly so you work up to being able to enter her with you cock. If that takes a couple of months before she is able to have snap sex with you that is how long it takes for her to be able to enjoy it. Trust me that it will be worth the wait for both of you if she is able to take you and not be in too much pain. Good luck and I hope things go well
    • OK so yesterday we did it and we decided to go all the way with it and WOW. Now we literally went berserk with the lube like everything was dripping from everywhere it was unbelievable how messy it was. I made sure to make her cum beforehand and just arouse her overall so she would loosen up and feel more horny and good to go. Keep in mind she has never seen my dick before she's only felt it and put her hands in my pants, and I told her my dick was pretty normal but idk if her version of normal was small but when she saw my dick she start second guessing everything, maybe it wasn't cuz of that and it was because everything was becoming more real for her. I asked her multiple times if she was still fine because we don't need to be in no rush but she really wanted to do it then and there. So we went into doggy-style and tried to put it in but it was so tough to do it without forcing. So she told me to give a big push and just force the tip in so I did and she just screamed and I was going to take it out but she screamed for me to leave it. She just waited and breathed in and out for a bit and then told me to go deeper. I maybe went three four inches in when she told me to start moving and FUCK her ass was the tightest thing ever like I came in less than five minutes hahahaha. It really hurt for her and she didn't find much enjoyment but after I nutted on her ass she told me that despite it hurting she wanted to try it again because she found it really hot so there we go. Thanks for the help guys without excessive lube idk whether going that deep would've been possible at all. If anyone's wants to share anal experiences u can message me or reply ty