Do honest, loving girls exist?

    • It's all about experiences, if you've had enough bad experiences the next girl that comes around will change your life for the better trust me. You can't go wrong that many times in a row, third time's a charm. The only way girls would keep cheating on you is if you're doing something wrong in their eyes, do you think that's the case or not?
    • Don't blame it on him. Some people are just assholes. But yes, there are honest and loving girls on this world. Character isn't connected to sex or gender. I hope you will find the right person soon :)
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    • Cheating can be all about the person who is doing the cheating, for selfish reasons or about the person who has been cheated on which case is usually something that they did or didn't do.
      As has been stated there is definitely many honest and great girls out there, the problem that you are facing is finding the right one for you that will love you and respect you for you. If that is the case they won't cheat
    • I definitely think that everyone in this world is capable of love. It just depends on how they control their feelings of it. Some people express it, others may think they are but might not be as loving as they could be, and sadly some people pretend to love or just want to have a relationship or maybe control someone else.
      I know that girls in early years of highschool for example are more likely to want a boyfriend just because and like someone just because they like them. And it’s mostly based on looks :/ but they necessarily won’t actually completely feel any love yet at that age, but like spending time with them which i don’t think is a bad thing for teens and pre teens to date as long as they’re happy:) I think your understanding of love grows with age and sometimes it just depends on who you meet. I do believe that there is atleast one person out there for everyone, that everyone will learn that they truly love that person when they grow to get to know them. But it is hard to know until you’ve truly felt it. Yeah there can be some shitty people in relationships but with that there also comes a true loving person and that does exist. You might not believe in the same things I do but i always go by that everything happens for a reason, so if you are meant to meet the person you are going to absolutely truly fall in love with and they will back, it will happen at that time. But it’s hard to know whilst growing up. It’s like there’s an amount of bad people in the world but there is more good people, and that’s the same in people who choose to love and how to express it.
      But Idk