Help Me: I like this guy, he’s giving mixed signals and he’s going to graduate soon

    • Help Me: I like this guy, he’s giving mixed signals and he’s going to graduate soon

      Okay, hi.

      So I like this guy. He’s two years above me in school and we’ve known each other ever since I was in seventh grade. We weren’t really close back then but he did talk to me whenever he got the chance (I never really talked to him tho). The last time he talked to me was when I’m in eighth grade.

      This year, there was a study tour in my school. It’s only for the tenth graders and twelfth graders. It was optional though, you don’t have to join the tour. I decided I should join because if I didn’t then I would go camping instead. I didn’t know that he also decided to join the tour. I found out about it when the teacher gathered all of us (who’s going to join the study tour) in a lab.

      Eventually, while we were in the study tour, he decided to talk to me again.
      We were supposed to snorkel but I couldn’t do it and chickened out. I did get in the water but I got back up as soon as I got in. A few minutes after being in the surface, my clothes dried. He saw me and asked, “you didn’t snorkel?”. I told him why I didn’t snorkel. And when he saw my wet pants, he asked me again, “you got into the water for a while didn’t you?”. I smiled at him but didn’t say anything because I was still shocked to see him talk to me.

      The next day, we climbed a mountain. After reaching the top, my friend told me that we should took a photo with him (she said this because the night before, we ate together.). He agreed. My friend and I went back down shortly after with our teacher. I can’t really explain the detail, but I ended up going down with him. And ever since that day, we became close.

      I hurt my foot in the middle of the tour. By this point, my friend was convinced that he likes me because he got angry earlier that day and distance both of my friends but he acts normally with me (I told my friend that it was because I didn’t annoy him). So, my friend somehow convinced him to give me his jacket. When I refused, he decided to sit next to me and accompany me while the others took a walk. Suddenly, one of his friends came towards us and pretended to take a picture of us.

      When we got back home, everyone seems to think that we’re dating. All of his classmate somehow knows me. Whenever that see me talking to him, they would call him and laugh. My classmate also does the same thing.

      One day, I asked him about a homework I had. No, I didn’t ask him to do the homework for me. But out of nowhere, he asked me to send him the homework. And guess what? He did my homework for me! He sent the homework back to me in the middle of the night when he saw that I was online. We chatted for a while afterwards.

      Everyone says he likes me. I want to believe it but I’m scared that he just thinks of me as his friend. There was this one time where I was talking to him and on of my guy classmate (he doesn’t know about the story that I wrote up there). Suddenly a girl came towards us and talks to him (ignoring me and my classmate). I’ll be honest, he was also friendly to her. I wasn’t bothered by it until she stops talking and there was this awkward silence.

      Lately, he hasn’t talk to me much. He only talks to me when I’m with my friends. He wasn’t like this before. But I always think maybe he’s just busy since it is exam week in my school. Though, whenever his friends see me, they never stop teasing us. I’m just so confused.

      Can anyone help me?
    • Hi, the picture that you have painted is definitely ambiguous in if he likes you or not. Saying that, something that I feel more people need to learn is to just be open and honest when it comes to dating and letting someone know that you like them. Weather that comes in the form of directly asking them out and making sure that they know it will be a date or just as simple as just blurting out "I really like you and hope that maybe you want to be more then friends".
      I say this as the frustration and heart ache of wondering if someone likes you can be just as bad as rejection if not worse as rejection at least is over and done with where as the "do they like me game" can last indefinitely. To make matters worse if neither of you build up the courage to make the move one or both of you may feel that rejection pain as the other moves on to someone else who made the move.
      So while I understand I didn't give you any understanding of if he like you, I do hope that this will help you to just go for it and that it works out for you and he likes you as well. If you want to talk feel free to message
    • I somewhat know this feeling of wondering if someone likes you. It's not a nice feeling. I agree with Heretohelp916. Try to get him alone and talk to him. Ask him clearly how he feels towards you. Really, make it clear, some people (especially boys - myself included) don't understand subtle things.
      Also: (this takes a bit of practice) try to ignore all the others. You can't do anything against your feelings, also love is something great. They have no reason to mock you for loving someone or being loved by someone. They are either jealous or have a really boring live if they need to make fun of others.
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