I need a friend

    • I need a friend

      heya, I’m Larissa and I’m 14.
      I left school in March due to my severe social anxiety and most of my friends Called me pathetic & a couple still text me but only if I text first. I get really lonely because I’m not doing school yet (it’s a long process),, and I have to have a mentor and a support worker and a counsellor.
      I would like a best friend but not sure how to find one :/
      ive never had a friend who would text me a lot or see me, or even just ask how I am.
      I know it’s like those fake best friend relationships on tv but I really wish I could have one.
      Preferably someone who lives near me, and not over the internet.
      also, we would be eachothers only bestfriends, we have other friends but we’re like eachothers favourites haha.
      I would like to describe myself as a v funny person hehe & I love doggos and music and Netflix & Pinterest & shane dawson & photography & self loathing lmao. so yeah if anyone can help or whatever.
      Preferably a girl too ahha
    • Hey Larissa :)
      Sometimes it's hard to find friends. Pushing it rarely works. If you are open minded and honest people will more likely become your friends. It may help to get into a club or sport. This way you meet new people who have at least one same interest as you. That is is good conversation opener. I hope you will find someone to be friends with :)
      Oh, and forget that best friends thing. Every friend is valuable. If you give them ranks, it may hurt people when they find out our pressures them to be more valuable.
      curious open-minded short but not so short guy from Germany. open for conversations/PMs, all topics, all ages, all genders