book suggestions from yours truly

    • book suggestions from yours truly

      Books you have to try out that i adore!

      -All the bright places by Jennifer Niven.
      okay so first is my favourite book ever! I think Jennifer Niven is such an amazing writer and helps highlight common issues to do with society. the book is about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die. In her books Jennifer includes two person Pov & I love that so much, and the story itself is so amazing and helps with strong mental health issues, and a movie is coming out soon of it and I really can not wait!! I also love her other book
      -Holding up the universe,, and I strongly suggest you read it! It is about this girl dealing with her weight issues and being bullied, when a boy falls in love with her for who she truly is and helps her Acknowledge how amazing she actually is.
      -Wonder by R. J. Palacino
      This book is extremely amazing but also very emotionally. It truly explains about self love and how words can effect others and how everyone is human and very much equal.
      -Charlotte Says & Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell
      My favourite horror books! I don’t find them very scary but I’ve met the author and I think that the storylines are very well thought out and interesting:) if you have any horror suggestions for me please suggest some!
      -Simon vs the homosapien agenda by Becky Albertalli
      THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK. I first watched the movie Love, Simon,, and I thought that was amazing so I decided to read the book and it was so much better. Books are usually better aha. Even though I’m straight and haven’t gone through what happens in the book I still find it so empowering and it made a real impact on my life, and I love a good romance!
      Seriously trust me. Read this book!
      they may seem too young for you but trust me I read them now and I still really enjoy them!
      -I hate Myselfie & It gets worse by Shane Dawson
      if you love autobiographies and funny insights then look no further haha! I love Shane and even if you don’t watch him i defO think you should read his books, not only he has had great moments in life, but he also explains them well and is the funniest and most genuine person I have seen. Shane’s videos have always made me laugh and really helped when I’m sad and he has been through a lot which can also humanise him and help a lot of people :))
      -Everyday by David Levithan
      When me and my boyfriend first started dating we decided to swap our favourite books ( I strongly suggest doing this of a way to get to know eachother and understand what type they’re into) anyways he gave me this book and I love it so much! It is another romance about this person who wakes up in different bodies everyday and has a rough time finding their identity and falls in love. Its a hard romance between them, but also the person goes through different people and memories which also teaches how individual we are but also so equal. It touches on mental health issues and shows you how important your true identity can be.

      Let me know if you want me to suggest more books you neeeeed to read ! <3