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    • Confused Teen

      Hi, I'm new here, so bear with me. Okay, first of all, I'm a 13 yo girl, just started my period about a year ago. That brings up the first problem: since I "became a woman", I have become incredibly, well, hot and bothered, I guess. Wet all the time and the works. Thankfully I discovered rubbing down there. Not sure I would have survived so far without that release. Btw, any suggestions are welcome.

      But there's more. I was riding with some family friends the other day, and we stopped for gas. I had to pee, and the friends were busy talking to people inside, so I headed to the restroom. This was an older station, restrooms on the outside, and the women's room was locked. I was in such a hurry that I decided to chance the men's room. I walked in, and the smell of stale pee (and maybe more) just overwhelmed me, and I went weak at the knees. I mean, for some reason, I almost went over the edge just from the smell. (Yes, I must be weird, I guess.) My hand went straight down my pants without me thinking. The problem is, there were two guys in there I knew from school, eighth grade like me. They saw this, and one of them locked the door. They then pushed me down to my knees, and unzipped their pants. I never fought back, I was too overcome by my senses. Yes, they both finished in my mouth, and yes, I swallowed what they put there. Afterwards, though, I was, at the same time, grossed out about what happened, and incredibly turned on! In fact, I nearly rubbed myself raw that night.

      So now that they have told everyone in school about this, what do I do? I haven't even really decided whether it was god or bad yet!
    • First of all, I would like to point out that if you ever need to go into the opposite sexs toilet that you should announce yourself to hopefully avoid any embarrassment from anyone.

      As for your experience, I feel that it was wrong for them to lock you in there with them and push you to do anything. That being said, it is entirely up to you for how you look at the experience. It has happened and by the sounds of things you didn't make any objections or put up any resistance at the time (still doesn't make it OK or right). You obviously became very aroused by the whole experience, both at the time and later. Which there I nothing wrong with this reaction, to the whole situation, ( smell, sight, feel of them and even the general scenario) however it is wrong of the boys to go bragging about this to everyone and if it causes you too much trouble or anything. You can do 2 things, first thing is just ignore the whole thing. Second is get some help, either from an adult or some trusted friends that may be able to protect you or even talk to someone on your behalf.

      It will all blow over eventually one way or another, but how it is felt with will determine how quickly and how much fuss it will cause for you. This is just my thoughts on the matter, any I am sure that someone else will potentially have better advice on this. Feel free to message me though if you need to talk about this though
    • It's just left me confused. The idea of what was in my mouth is, at a certain level, nasty! But yes, I DID like the experience at some level. Is it weird to be turned on by the smells involved? (I forgot to mention that they were both badly inneed of a shower, making it more intense. And my face was very near the urinal most of the time.)
    • I agree with Heretohelp916's answer. Although you liked what happened and didn't fight back, they are not allowed to force you to do anything or take advantage of your state.
      What you think about it afterwards is up to you. If you like it, good. At least this way you're not traumatized.
      And it is totally fine to be turned on by certain smells. Sexual preferences are like tastes: What someone else finds disgusting another person likes to taste ( my English isn't the best so i hope this analogy is understandable ).
      Nothing more i can add to Heretohelp916' s answer.
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    • You were raped. I know you don't want to hear that, but you need to. If they get away with doing that to you, they will do it to other girls (they likely already have). They will think it's alright to treat girls and women like that for the rest of their lives. Tell your parents, your teacher, and the police. I am fully aware that the sexual suppression we see in today's society against teen girls made you an easy target, but doing that without getting your consent first was a crime, and it should be. Be strong, for yourself and others. If you want, I am willing to help in any way you want, and I do mean ANY WAY.
    • I also have to agree with Daniel. Tell someone so those guys get punished. And there is no need to feel ashamed. You couldn't react in that situation, so everything that happened is their responsibility, not yours.
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    • I understand the concept that I was technical raped, and it may well be better if I told someone, but I don't see me doing that. In fact, I've fantasized about doing it again. Even thinking about the total lack of control makes me wet now. I find myself wanting to taste it again. One of the boys who did it to me even obviously rubbed his crotch when I saw him, and (heaven help me) I almost asked him where we could go. I just wish that someone could help me out here.
    • The point is that they took advantage of you without asking for consent. They will do that to others. Again, it is because of the current societal hysteria against the sexuality of teen girls that you feel this way. You are constantly told you are "too young" and "not ready for a relationship". Your body tells you otherwise. You are even told that you are still a child and cannot give consent. THAT IS NOT TRUE. The result of this is that you have been taught to think that you can only have sex if forced.

      For the sake of other girls those boys WILL otherwise assault, you need to come forward. What if the next girl resists and they hurt, maim, or even kill her? Do the right thing, and you will be proud.

      For yourself, ignore what our sick society tells you and find someone who loves and cares for you. The experiences you will have with that person will make this nothing by comparison, I can assure you. Most of all, realize that you are a wonderful sexual being, and there is more power in you than you can possibly imagine.
    • I feel so stupid now! First of all, I agree that I was technically raped, okay? But I think I've screwed up and lost any chance on that count. The little SOB that had already been rubbing his crotch at me managed to get my cell number, and he texted me this morning at school. He was, like, so apologetic and stuff, and said he wanted to talk to me alone. Idiot me agreed to meet him in a private area. We met at lunchtime. I didn't even think too much of the fact that the other guy was there, too, since maybe he was gonna say he was sorry, too. After I got there, though, they both pulled their pants down and stood there. My urges took over, and I did exactly what they were hoping for, I sucked both of them off. It was heaven for just a few minutes, but each guy took pics while I was sucking the other. Now they're all over school, showing me to be a slut! And what's really bad is that I'm not entirely sure if I'm mad, or secretly thrilled!
    • Do you agree to sucking them off or them taking pictures of you? I mean, they did both (raping at least at the first time), and both is illegal.
      If you don't want to tell someone they technically raped you, you could at least talk to them and speak about what you are fine with. You seem to like sucking them off. But would you be ok if they just, without asking you, cut your arm or punch you in the face? If not, you should at least tell them that. Otherwise i am worried about you.
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    • That's part of my issue here. I certainly didn't agree the first time, but I have to admit I liked both times, at least at a certain level. And even the pictures become almost moot, since so many people have seen them, and probably have copies. I've been introduced to a practice that was new to me, and the fact that it was involuntary to start with doesn't change my urges now.
    • Try to talk to someone you trust about it. I get that you like sucking off, it sure is fun. But try to get control back. Even if you love getting controlled. You should never be in any danger. Make that clear to those guys. And lets be real: There are more then those 2 guys who have penises you can suck. Get yourself someone who respects you.
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    • daniel is right you were raped, if you never gave the consent for them to treat you like that even before they unzipped their pants thats wrong too. everything that they did is absolutely unacceptable, i guess if you didnt have much of a problem you shouldnt report them or anything but you have to confront them about it and tell them you cant just do that to any girl. in year 8 too, thats insane. you have to make sure they dont think its right to do that in the future because they might run into a really big accident with a different girl who reacts a lot more negatively to their actions and puts them in prison for it.
    • I’d report them, too, and not just say something about it privately to them. They should be scared of EVER doing anything like what they did to you again. They may not take you seriously, or say they do but rape you again another time because they feel they can manipulate you and feel they have power over you, so that’s why I say you need to get authorities involved. Keep reporting it until somebody listens and takes you seriously.
    • Look, I appreciate the support everyone has shown, and I have to say that I recognize that what happened was wrong on the boys' part. I also know that I enjoyed it very much, and, after the fact, am glad that they did it. I also think I've lost my moment to call them out, especially after today. For good or bad, my behavior has been changed all I can do now is live with what has happened to me, and how I have reacted.
    • But when you see the boys again who raped you, how will you feel? Don’t let evil win. Evil in the boys who raped you, and evil in our male-dominated society that says you should just “get over it.”

      For all these reasons, I think you should reconsider what you said in the above post. As a Christian, I can say that Jesus Christ—who is also God—wants better for you than how you have been treated. But, as he said to the adulterous woman, “go and sin no more.” Repent from sin and believe in Jesus Christ and you’ll be able to go to Heaven when you die so you won’t ever have to suffer like that (although you say you enjoyed it, but it may effect things like future relationships.) again.