EReading Tool Suggestions?

    • EReading Tool Suggestions?


      I love reading books, but my mom suggested to try EReading, as we live in a small apartment, and a reality check, it is not practical keeping all the books that over time collect dust and consume so much space.

      I was looking at this review,, basically, they are comparing Amazon Prime from Kindle.
      They are saying Kindle is really more for serious readers which I think I am, but I like the features Amazon Prime has.
      Any suggestions which could be a better choice?

      Thank you.
    • About the devices: I have an old Kindle (it's my father's old one), and I think it is great for reading, as it uses eInk, not an lcd screen. It feels much more like paper to the eyes and is much less tiring, I think.

      About the services: Kindle Unlimited, hands down; Prime limits you to selected titles, while KU gives you access to a much wider range.

      I've not heard of any better eBook service. The only other source of ebooks I've used is Project Gutenberg, but it only contains free books.
    • I personally use Aldiko book reader on both my phone and tab. I am not sure about services for buying as I havent boight any books yet, however it does support a range or formats and is super easy to use with some handy functions such as night mode and most recent. I use it for titles that I have already purchased in book form but they might be dieing or lighter on my wrists (the big wrist breaking versions especially ). Otherwise I still enjoy they look and feel of a real book