Are parents trying to pester you with video games?

    • Are parents trying to pester you with video games?

      OK so this is stupid my mom acts like video games are bad because I would be playing them all the time or most of the time and my mom is being a big idoit on how video games are bad for you I am corrupting you iPad with parental controls doing the same to my game systems and taking away the controlers. Is my mom just being jealous that her generation never had good video games or is she a big selfish jerk because I really want to slap her in the face and say what the f**k is wrong with you give me the f*ckin passwords and controllers and get your ass off my video games. If anyone can give me any advice on how to deal with my idiot parents please tell me because nearly 3 f*ckin years is more then enough for me and my mom who acts like I am going to take orders with her and the fact that she thinks she is running a boot camp with me in it and trust me she is a big pain in the ass most of the time. makes me angry just thinking about it.
    • Whatever your opinion of your mum's actions, they are clearly what she perceives to be the best for you. I know parents can be annoying but it's important to realise that it's a case of disagreeing on what is better for you and not her trying to upset you.

      Perhaps the best way around this situation is compromise. Video games played to an excess aren't good, but moderation is harmless, assuming the game is not of a disturbing nature. So perhaps you could come to an agreement where you are allowed an amount of time playing it after homework and at the weekends.

      Try to speak to her about it (calmly) and see if you can reach an agreement.
    • Yea It is confusing thought she lets me play games where when i hunt blood launches every where and she knows I play it but it is a big pain that she is a big dummy over the fact that she basically expects me to do yuck face to face interaction shit yet and by that I can do it to my 3 stupid cats and it angers me that she is like ohh go interact with some one like my stupid munchkin. So she is just being an idiot on how she wants me to interact with the friends I have not seen in 2 to 3 years. Oh yea she is an idiot. They live farrrr away few states away. Man she is a big pain in the ass and trust me she actually believes I really care about what she has to say getting to play years whenever I want then boom she believes she can take them then act like I will ever care about what she thinks about my habits with digital stuff. Bet she is just made she never had any of this good stuff when she grew up. So half the time i wonder if she ever uses her brain. I mean she
      acts like I am a baby with all this stuff. Next action she will do knowing her is that she will force me to play those stupid rated EC game or early child hood games. Yuck makes me sick just thinking about it.
    • And I tryed to reach an agreement but she is like ohhh that will not happen. What is 4 fuc*in hours supposed to do? Ohh yea she is the most stubborn creature around. Or stubborn monster around what kind of savage tells me video games melt my brain even if she plays boring old bubble witch whenever she can. I mean she is nuts believing that I will ever do anything to obey that shi**y rule she has going on and it is so dumb that she believes I should follow. I mean she is like 30 minutes at 7:00 sunny blah blah blah and thats all for the night end of story.
    • Can you openly and honestly talk to your mom about all this? I’d just come out with how you feel. Feeling statements (tautologies), which can’t be argued with through logic as they are unique to the speaker, are more powerful than name-calling. These feeling statements are the better, higher way. You’ve heard the statement that you can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar? Well, that’s kind of the idea here, I think. I can’t imagine how angry you must be feeling, but try to keep your cool and be reasonable and level-headed. We’re rooting for you, bro!

      Please let us know how everything goes.
    • I'm afraid I'm quite confused over the situation. Are you upset with the fact you're not allowed to play at all or is it that you are upset over the restrictions she has implemented.

      First and foremost, I think you need to calm right down. It may be an annoying situation, but just because your mum is strict doesn't make her a "monster" or a "creature" and such rudeness can only antagonise the situation. Unless there are other issues you have at home...? In which case those are probably a priority over a trivial argument about gaming.

      I think you have to come to terms with the fact you can't always have your own way and, for your own good, stop playing those extreme games you discussed as they evidently have a bad effect on you.

      Your mother is also right to talk about the importance of real interactions as opposed to virtual ones. However, I do think a total ban of gaming would be too strict.

      As per the compromised agreement, you need to prove you are worthy of being allowed to have some time to game. If you treat your mother in the same, frankly appalling, way you talk about her that is not going to happen and rightfully so.

      You need to work on building compromise and mutual respect out of this situation.
    • Shut up katyeen going to be rude I might insult you. Also every one I think I came up with a solution but feel free to give me sugestions. Heehee this will be a walk in the park I will lock my tablet in my fire proof safe and make my mom stop this once and for all. That will be quick my mom makes me use my tablet in school so doing this will make her stop.
    • Plus I did try a compromise but it ended up with me yelling in her face because she is a stubborn brat. So all I can think about is angering her about it so much she will give up like hiding all my PlayStation and old Nintendo somewhere and you know locking my ipad up and not let her touch them till she stops. So that is my last approach to this one but I am wondering if making a stubborn mom so mad about the rule she will give up in it will work I mean being nice and asking is not enough she just thinks that her opinions are more important it seems like because I dont act anything like the games just because I do the occasional feed the humans to the Indoraptor thing on Jurassic world evolution or set it lose on every one. Or the games where I shoot people or run them over with a sports car. I don't even fu*kin threaten her with that. The problem with her is the fact that she thinks I will spend most of my time doing something that is actually worth doing.
    • The screaning cat wrote:

      Also I had to run the games past her for some reason and if it is a shoot someone game she will not let me but a game where I can put a bullet in a dodos head she seems fine with.
      Your mother has spoken, and, fairly or unfairly, you should honor her wishes. This may give you opportunity to explore other interests like sports, guitar, hiking, camping, etc.
    • If your mom grew up in the 1980s 1990s she too grew with up video games.

      Even in the 1970s they'd the Arcades for video gaming. Some of my friends often gamed with their dads, less to none with their moms as they were your age.

      So it maybe a just a mom-thingy, because most of my peers would've made such a thread ranting about their moms acting like you descripe your mom's behavior towards video games.

      Or it's a female thing in general, because female units^^ tend to interact and networking best in real life. So to say face to face. And as a mother, it's logical to her, to raise you that way. I was no exception in case of my mom. But that wasn't game related then.

      Anyway, I suppose all guys who are into video gaming on a higher level are poor guys. They'll expierence a sad to horrific childhood or teenage years with such moms.

      On the other hand, during puberty boys aged 12+ are mostly at war with their parents because they want to become more'n'more independent. And parents simply set strict limits to this hunger for independence. And naturally this is their job.

      In short, what is a daily personal drama or annoyance to you is just the everyday strife of the generations. There is no solution unless you learn to negotiate good deals with your mother, because in the end she's in charge. So good luck with that.
    • But I don't getting she let me play as long as I wanted for years and was like that's it I am going to treat you like a toddler. She thinks I am a fuckin todler because she restricts me on video games like I am one. I'll bet that she is just mad that I am not 2 and don't really care about what she says about this. So I am guessing that she thinks that if she restricts me that I'll will care anymore about what she tells me about it. Instead of any less about all the things she thinks and says.
    • A reason could be, because she may've realized you'll getting older.

      As for that, she may have come to the conclusion that the way she raised you was somewhat wrong. That's why she really wants to keep you from playing on your computer forcing you to do more stuff in the real world with your friends.

      On the other han, if she says you've to do more chores or even learn more to able getting a better education and furthermore a better job, I suppose you'll have a pretty boring life till you fully grow up.

      You should read some mommy blogs, were moms talk about raising teenage sons. Mostly it's all about observing and supervising their teen sons and keeping the boys busy so they can't get in trouble or such. Of course, it isn't just a mom thing and in general just parents related stuff. But seemingly mothers are often more worried as fathers what their sons became when transforming to a man.

      My mother walked along that road. Especially after she was divorced. Then she mutated into a helicopter mom and became a control freak. Till I left her home for living with my dad, we had war at home for almost two years. Not the best time to remember.
    • Yea my problem is she thinks I am stupid and makes thease embarrising rules about video games that a 2 year old would be happy with. I mean her rule is like you have to tell me what shitty things you did that was good today. And man is she asking for me to wana erase her brand new phone and break it. I mean my dad just makes me follow her crappy rules she chooses rules for such little kids that I ounder if she forgot I am not a little kid.