SOS autistic pest over load. HELP!

    • SOS autistic pest over load. HELP!

      SOS I need a little help I had an autistic kid move in next door and that kid is annoying. I mean he thinks I want to be his friend and I am like :sleeping: am I having a nightmare but I don't ask that. I mean he asks to use my Nerf guns he says we can have a Nerf war and he can be my (this remark will be sarcastic) Coooollllll amo boy and it sounds stupid right off the bat. And my parents actuly think that it would be good to have that 10 year old idiot pester me. Here is how nearly every day (Can I tear your 200$ Lego Technic Porche GT to pieces and build something? NO! Can I use your PS3? NO! Can I use your PS4? What? Hell no! can I use your Nintendo your dad had as a kid? NO you dummy you will break it. Can I use your computer? NO! Can I use your ipad? Shutup. Also to make matters worse my parents are threating to smash my stuff if I tell that stupid kid to get his Fucking ass out of my life and leave me alone. So telling that kid to beat it is not an option. Oh wait there is more he go's to the bathroom with the door open and his pants and under wear pulled down and his shirt pulled up and I have the pleasure of walking by and seeing it. Man I want to embarrass that kid to leave me alone by taking a picture of him in the bathroom and having it posted in color on the news paper for all to see. Also that kid cry's so if I am like that sounds stupid he would cross his arms sit crisscross on the ground with his back facing me and say (hmm your a meanie) And it makes me want to kick him in the back with a socker cleat on then tie that loser to a pole and give him 2 lashes with a belt for being the thing that sccrews up my life. Bet next when I want to watch T.V that inmature 10 year old will watch barny Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh year that happened and I could not do anything my parents would killllll me if he told on me. And trust me seeing him is worse then getting spit in the eye with a spitting coberas venom then have it bite you I mean the bite makes your skin fall off to where you can see your bones. Having that or being close friends with him. I would pick answer A and call that idiot who is even dumber because of his ugly face he belongs on genis book of world records for worlds most annoying and worlds most ugly freckly covered .
    • Dude, ya gotta get your anger under control! :D But seriously, maybe you did something to him in a past life and now he's getting back atcha.

      Are you sure he's autistic? Most autistic children I know are kind of in their own world and don't like stimuli of any kind - especially interacting with others.

      It sounds like he's lonely and maybe he's too young (and extroverted) to realize he's annoying - rather than him being an idiot, a dummy, stupid, ugly, etc.

      What I would recommend is: when he asks to play with/use your valuable things, explain why you're saying no (e.g. the Nintendo belonged to my dad and it's very fragile/old and very special to me) and ask if you can go over to his house and play with/borrow all his toys. That way, he won't have a chance to break your things (and your parents won't smash your things either).
      When he uses the bathroom, put your hand up to the side of your face and look straight ahead. :)

      And it's Guinness Book of World Records but I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate being call dumb. We're all intelligent in some things and unintelligent in other things. Calling someone stupid, ugly, dumb, etc. is just name-calling - way uncool.
    • I am 100 percent he is. I mean do you really think I would see that inmature 10 year old do stupid things act like he is in preschool and walk the curb being stupid every day I walk past his school. I know he is autistic because he told me and I was about to yell I dont care but he thratened to tattle on me. TATTLE ON ME! He thinks that because I am 5 years older then him he thinks he can tattle on me. And my god dam parents are no help each time he tattles my parents put me in a fuckin time out. Wich just means that my fricken parents are basickly saying let stupid Isiah boss you around you are his slave and if I hear him tell on you you will get a timme out. Like really my stupid parents almost tell me that.
    • My problem is that idiot if I pretend I am not home in the morning I will catch him snoozing on the front porch till I say hi and invite him in. Plus my parents won't let me avoid him they think normal with autistic equals gooooooodddddddddddd friends. And they won't let me have them beat it. My mom is such a softy to autistic kids ones that are idiots to be specific. I mean she is the reason I have to deal with that kid for example I say "mom can you please not let that kid in the house because he is annoying. OK". Then the next day she forgets and lets that idoit in. Then I am basickly his babysiter. What a wast of my time I would be nicer to him if my parents payed me large amounts of money to even see that kid. But alas I don't get any money out of spending my time with him. My time that I should be spending with my actual friends. Starting to think that kids parents send him over here alot for cheap babysitting because that kid can't tell what sarcasm is. He takes every thing literal. Its like are you having fun? "WARNING this answer is sarcastic I mean it when I type it and when I say it in the real world as the opiset definition" I am havingggg a greaaaatttttttttttttt time. Do you want me over all the time? Yeeesssssss. All sarcasm and if I say no and I hate you and don't want to be friends that kid will sit crisscross on the floor make his classic cross the arms make a little affended baby face and have his back facing towards me and says his goofy your a meanie. Man I laugh at it all the time I sometimes make him offended on purpose like calling him a little kid would do the trick and I do it just to see him do what I just said and laugh at it. But he does it till I say sorry to him for what I did I never do it and I never will but anyways after 20 minutes of making that stupid face and acting like a little baby he will say your a meanie I am telling on you and my stupid crapy emotionally soft for autistic kids mom gives me a bull shit time out and that just says that kid is my boss. Man I would be pretty happy if Freddy Kruger was real right now I would pay him alot to murder that kid in his dreams with his glove with the taons on the fingers. Him killing that kid in his dreams will kill that kid in real life also. I would pay that evil murder ghost from A nightmare on elm street. If you want to see a picture of him simply just lick up the words Freddy kruger and your computer will do the rest. But I would pay that horror movie charector all my money for half my life if he was real. But sadly he is not. I would scare that kid off by saying a aggresive velociraptor only loyal to me will jump out of my closet and violently tear him apart. But he will do his dorky you are a meanie like a baby none sense and tell my mom I will get grounded for a nice long while if she found out I told that crappy kid that.
    • I sort of under stand autism also I tryed hanging out with that kid but it all ended up on him feeding more and more into what I am doing and expecitng more of me. I mean I am basically playing with fire when around that kid and by that I am basically feeding one or making him pester me more and more his parents wont even try keeping him away from me even when I did try talking to them. I should just lie to that kid and tell him about the fake ghost of freddy kruger and say that if you pester me again which I am trying to protect you he will get you if you continue you pester me. That kid is a raging fire the more positive energy I put around him the more he feeds off it and expects more. I FEEL LIKE BURNING HIS HOUSE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also.
    • No my problem is he is a big tattle tail did try that though but anyways he did your a meanie nonsense told on me and then my softy mom said she is going to ground me for 2 weeks. So telling that kid the truth is off my list of things I can do and sadly I still have 1 week and 6 days left for being nice. Also telling him I hate him is top on my bucket list except he would tell his mommy and his daddy and they would make this big scene yelling at me like I take orders from them on how their son is an ugly angel blah blah blah. But thanks anyways for suggesting to be polite to him KevinF5. There I gave you a like.
    • lliam wrote:

      tbh, all I read in your post spontanously gave the impression of an immature guy aged 13.
      than I shockingly saw, you are an adult of 22.

      so you are 22? hang more out with peers instead of ranting about 10yo dudes.

      MrSneed wrote:

      lynch the annoying faggot

      Francesco Orlandi wrote:

      man why so much hate he's not ice age baby
      I dont think bossman165 even wants to hand out with that kid. Happy I never met that kid. Mr sneed did your mom drop you on your head when you were a baby it seems like it. That kid seems like an ice age baby I mean who would stay at your porch till you say hi and invite him in? Sounds kinda dumb if you ask me. Cracks me up an autistic 10 year old would say you are a meanie in the fashion a little 2 year old would?