Underage Sex

    • Underage Sex

      Ok, so I'm not trying to call people out or get people in trouble, but, as this is a teen forum, there's a lot of people here who are underage. However, many of these underage people, all the way down to 12/13 year olds, have had at least some form of sex or are no longer a virgin. I'm not trying to cause trouble, though I would like to know what these people think about the fact that there are laws against underage sex. Yes, I understand that in most of these cases it is not pedophilia as both people are underage, though the law in most countries states that if one of the people involved is underage, then it is an offence. However I am not sure the exact laws regarding if both people are underage. Again, I'm not gonna call the cops or anything xD, if anything I'd be the one asking for sex, but I just want to know what some of you people think about these certain laws.
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    • I've never heard of any that apply when both are underage. Underage also varies from country to country or like here in the U.S. state by state. Most states have Romeo & Juliet laws too. I looked up some of this stuff when pressed by some of the adults on here.

      So basically I think you're worrying about nothing that applies since its not the illegal stuff.
    • I agree with FKKGirl. Those laws very so much from country to country (or state) that it's hard to give an answer. But most laws i saw (not 100% sure tho), if both persons are underage and not too far away in regards to age, then it's not illegal.
      When i'm not mistaken, in Germany for example it's fine for a 14 and 15 year old to have sex, but not for 14 and 17 or 15 and 18. A bit complicated but i guess in most cases the age difference between teen lovers isn't that big to be a problem.
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