How did you discovered/decided to be a lesbian?

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      I don’t think you just decide to become a lesbian, it’s not like deciding which top to buy from the shop
      But how DO you decide which top to buy, that's a more difficult decision.
      True it can be a hard decision
      I just think do I like the top, if so I'll buy it. Usually means I buy too many if I find a range I like :whistling: oopsKinda like the "decision" on who you like. When your young you have a style you like. As you get older your style can change. But still down to does a top make me :D . Or The "decision" for girls, does she make you :D . It's all an evolving thing of every person you meet

      the right bottom makes the top better too though ;)
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      This might be hijacking the thread or I should probably just start a new one but...

      Was there a moment when it clicked for you?

      Not a decision, but a realization. An ah-ha moment?

      If so, what was that moment for you? What was the thing that happened that finally put it into focus for you?
      Just for myself - I am not rushing to define myself as fully lesbian. I think I am bi, even though my only experience is with a woman. But both me and my girlfriend had this "Seriously?" moment, when things kind of klicked in place. I mean initially we were just goofing around trying things, and then suddenly all fell into place, and I think my gf was even more surprised than me, as it ended up much different than wath we initially imagined.
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      I realized when I had an encounter with a close friend that I wanted her to be more than just my best friend. We dated for a few years exclusively and then things kind of fell apart, I guess, shortly I told her that I also had feelings about boys. We're still really good friends now though. I'm currently dating a wonderful girl and wouldn't mind sticking to girls for the long-haul, but I could also see a world in which if the right guy came along I might take up with him. It's much more about the person than if my hand gets poked or soaked when I reach into their jeans.