My story

    • I’m a 16 yr old boy who needs help desperately. I was in a relationship for 14 months with a girl I loved so so much but then I got struck with awful anxiety and depression and things went down hill to the stage she was the only person keeping me alive for a couple of weeks. A few weeks ago at the peak of my problems, she dumped me. She hasn’t done so so much for me but it was all to stressful, her decision was fully justified however it was over text whilst she was abroad so that wasn’t great. We are now literally best friends and still talk every day but obviously I miss her so so bad because I still love her and am struggling big time still with my anxiety and depression. This doesn’t sound to bad does it? This is where it got interesting, I then found out as a release she’d been flirting with a boy two years younger than both of us for these 4 months but she was away with him at the time she broke up with me and within three days had made out with him and they are now going out. I didn’t get angry with her or anything but I don’t think she realises how morally incorrect it was but i still want to be friends with her because we get on so well. All help will be much appreciated thanks
    • I would suggest working on yourself, trying to find the cause of your anxiety and depression (which you had when you were still in a relationship with your ex).

      She might have wanted to break things off with you (when she was flirting with the boy) but didn't want to add to your depression - until she realized she had to end the relationship. This would explain why she made out with him so soon - she had been "seeing" him for four months (but didn't do anything physical until she broke up with you).
      It could also have been a "rebound" situation, because she was emotionally vulnerable.