D/S survey

    • Name:

      Are you a dominant or submissive?
      What kind are you (master, slave, rope bunny, brat tamer etc)?
      Are you into BDSM?
      What do you like about it?
      What is your ideal partner (master, slave, rope bunny, brat tamer etc)?

      Do you have any d/s fantasies?
      What are they?
      Have you told anyone about them?
      If so, then who?
      Have you played out any fantasies?
      What was it?
      Who was it with?
      Is there anything you want to try but are too scared to say?

      Do you masturbate with thoughts of you being in your dom/sub roll (ie you being tied up or choking someone)?
      Does it change how quickly you can orgasm?
      Does it change how powerful the orgasm(s) are?

      Are you a virgin?
      Have you played your respective rolls during sex?
      Did it make you orgasm quicker?
      Was the orgasm(s) more powerful?

      Are you in a d/s relationship?
      Or have you had a d/s relationship?
      Does/did the dom and sub rolls continue outside the bedroom?
      Have you ever told your family about being a dom or sub in the relationship?
      How did they react?
      Have you ever done something "not socially acceptable" in public with the SO?
      If so, what was it?
      Were you caught?
      By who?
      Was it an accident or deliberate?
      Would you like to try anything?