Feel like I’m falling in love with this girl, but only met twice, any advice :/

    • Feel like I’m falling in love with this girl, but only met twice, any advice :/

      So I’ve had 2 dates with this girl, things are going really really well would have been more but obviously it’s difficult at the moment with all this coronavirus pandemic, I’ve had to move back from uni back 2 hours away from where she is and not sure when I’ll next be back down to where she is, either way we’re still talking really regularly, trying to keep talking without taking myself into the friend zone haha, but anyway at the moment I can’t stop thinking about her, and whenever I see a message come through from her it gives me this like warm fuzzy feeling my stomach, like butterflies, we’ve only met twice and don’t wanna get too attached but I’ve never felt this way about someone before, I guess what I’m trying to ask aswell Is how you’d maybe recommend not talking myself into the friend zone while still keeping in touch :/
    • When you talk with her, you might want to tell her what a wonderful time you had on the two dates and how you're looking forward to seeing her again, as soon as you can.

      You can describe to her what a romantic third date you'd like to have with her, asking her if she likes your ideas.
      She can let you know what she thinks a romantic date would consist of, too (so you know what to do to make the next date a success, also).
      That way you're letting her know that you see her more than a friend (and hopefully she'll see you more than a friend, too.)