Titled: Woman Hood

    • Titled: Woman Hood

      The movie will begin in five moments.
      The mindless voice announced
      all those unseated will await the next show.
      We filed slowly, languidly into the hall.
      The auditorium was vast and silent
      As we were seated and darkened, the voice continued.

      The program for this evening is not new.
      We've seen this entertainment through and through.
      We've seen our birth our life and death
      you might recall all of the rest.

      Did you have a good world when you died?
      Enough to base a novel on?
      On to me
      Lament for my pussy
      Sore and crucified

      I seek to know you
      Acquiring soulful wisdom
      You can open walls of mystery

      The womb

      Acquire death inside me
      Death which the child absorbs
      Damp mystery which makes me write
      Slow push, the death of my pussy gives life

      Will my children forgive me for giving them entry
      Taught by god in the child's prayer
      Ancient wise satyr
      Preach your ode to my pussy

      Caress it's lament
      Stiffen and guide
      The knowledge of cancer
      That which speaks to the heart
      And gives the gift of pride

      Woman flowering in her summit
      Could any hell be more humit

      I pressed my thigh and death smiled
      Death, old friend
      Death and my pussy are the world
      I can forgive my injuries in the name of

      Wisdom Luxury Romance

      Sentence upon sentence
      Words are the healing lament
      For the death of my cunt's spirit

      It has no meaning in this soft fire
      You believe it

      All join now and lament the death of my pussy
      A tongue of knowledge in the feathered night
      Boys get crazy in the head and suffer
      I sacrifice my pussy on the altar