(Short Story) Titled: Lure​

    • (Short Story) Titled: Lure​

      ~Written by Little Lilith

      Titled: Lure

      Little Beth roamed and played. Her mother always warn never wander to the edge where the forest begins. In this little meadow can only be her sanctuary away from home. But today little Beth did not listen and as she twirled, pranced across the field. Pushing up dandelions on her way, the sun beaming down onto her joyful face. Suddenly, quite suddenly she became dizzy, dizzy even more from her daze only to find she had fallen down upon the soft grass below.

      As little Beth made her self up right again a small boy her age stood in front of her on the edge of the grove. Beth became startled by his beauty. He had eyes that glowed sparkling blue and hair the colour of star light. Taking a step back from her awe she ask the boy "Where did you come from!?" He had stood at first only to glaze upon her before turning a half moon to point his index finger into the open air. "From the forest."

      "Is that where you live?" Beth curiously ask. "Pass the crimson forest and through the garden of shadows is where I slumber." The boy quickly replies in a whisper. Little Beth looks around over extending her reach from her neck line then ask "where is your parents?" The boy begins to slowly walk making circles around her, examining Beth from top to bottom, "I have no parents."

      "What happen to them?" Beth inquiries deeper.

      "I never had any" The boy remarks.

      A chill goes down Beth's spine and a quiver in her voice produces when she ask the boy who he was. "Who are you? I have never seen you in town?"

      The boy stops in his slow pace suddenly. "Who am I? I am a monster."

      Little Beth breaks her sweat and begins to snicker at the boy. "You're a monster? You are just a handsome boy." The boy stares at her with a tick , calmly speaking in a soft tone. "I am the one who hides under your bed at night. The noise in your closet before you sleep."

      Little Beth openly laughs at the boy after his statement. "You can't be any of those things.. Who are you really?"

      The boy steps away jumping to perch on the dead log only a few feet away. "I am whatever you assume I am."

      Beth ponders, her pupils look up to the corner of her eyes, her lips twitch. "Are you a lover?" She ask

      "I could be.. If I wanted to" The boy answers.

      Again Beth quizzes the boy "Are you a treasure hunter?"

      "I am looking for treasure. The greatest of all." He proclaims.

      Enchanted by the boys answer she moves in closer to him but each time she thinks she has him in her grasp he takes a few steps back into the forest. "Where are you going!?" Beth calls out to him. The boy extends an arm opening his palm "Come with me and I'll show you."

      Beth took his hand and followed. Her Mother never laid eyes on little Beth ever again.

      The End