Self Blame And Guilt

    • Self Blame And Guilt

      I am neither experienced nor inexperienced, but I give advice to others and succeed them and fail me and I tried to understand why, all of my interviews were utter failure and I did not benefit anything and I am telling everything to my mother but it only helps me with regret and self-flagellation and does not benefit me and I know that I am bad and do things that should not He did it, given that I am from a religious family, but I did not do a bad thing. I just live in a society where most things are denied. It is full of wrong beliefs. All that matters is that you finish your education and wear the hijab and do not talk to young men because it is disgraceful and disgraceful to you, girl. Every time a girl talks, know that religion is important. Very, but I am a teenager and I have rights and I am not a child or even a A very old! I mean that all teenagers are free and I have freedom but tight enough that I cannot close my room because I told my mother my little secret that it is not yet anymore lolMy real friends go through the same problems and beliefs with a slight difference in thinking and what led to those differences in our country is the presence of schools of different levels, such as language schools of all kinds, public, public, and number, and also different religious schools and government schools do not contain many languages, usually the problems become between teenagers the more material spending For schools, but the biggest problem among all this is the problem of parents and keeps the teenager in the circle of self-satisfaction and his dignity or the satisfaction of his family and he only wants to die, this quarantine has brought out a negative and negative side of me and I have become united lol, I just want to support myself as I give Everyone I am not alone in all of this ^^
    • It's simple math. When you are a teenager, you usually start to experience and understand life.

      And so you'll often make wrong decisions, many mistakes, and so on. The more you learn from it, the better you will success in life.

      What young people need is just support from the older once. No more and no less. Ears to listen, mouths to speak (advices) or just arms for hugs.

      But also an open mind and a certain natural authority to show limits and consequences when this is appropriate. It has nothing to do with strictness but good upbringing.

      And anyone who brings up just consequences with severity commits a crime against the young person which has been entrusted to him to prepare this kid for life.
    • your words are right but also they listen to me but the don't want to understand that i feel too i'm a person i can feel they treat me like a robot my mom just taked my phone because wrong i did and i didn't mean it she said that she will give to me and she didn't she's lies and i'm using laptop and i hate the way they treat me that's really hurt af