seen someone after six months, how to get chemistry back

    • seen someone after six months, how to get chemistry back


      So basically saw this girl I really like in person after six months. Before lockdown, we used to see each other around once every month and we had amazing chemistry and began to know and like each other a lot, we only texted between seeing each other not facetiming or calling, and a lot of our feelings were developed online, but was always reinforced when we met every month or two months. We talked over text for five months after seeing each other in January, and she told me she liked me in March, but then her feelings began to fade over the distance, but we hoped they would be rekindled when meeting again, and I stopped texting her in June because it hurt so much. After a month from when we stopped texting, we met and it was incredibly awkward and it was like we pretended absolutely nothing happened and as if we were acquaintances and didn’t use to be close, like meeting a stranger who you knew? Our chemistry didn’t come back at all and she didn’t feel attracted to me even though she did feel attracted to me back in January. But after six months, it was like we didn’t know each other. Her feelings faded three months ago a bit and gradually slipped away because all we did was text (we were too shy), so I suppose it might have been more that she forgot how I made her feel in a way? Like she expected her feelings to be rekindled for me when we met again but they didn’t. I want to know why she didn’t feel attracted to me in person when she used to be and why nothing came back to her. And I also want to know whether if dissolving the awkwardness and being closer as friends for a while might make her remember and like me a bit again.
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      Not a nice situation to be in...
      To answer your questions a bit:
      Only she knows the reason why she doesn't like you like before. No one on here can answer that for you. So just ask her.
      If she says it's just because of the distance and the lack of contact you 2 could just text again and meet more often and see if the feelings come back. You only do this if she wants.
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