I don't think I'm wrong

    • I don't think I'm wrong

      My mum and her partner have secretly been together since I was a toddler, when I was 11 he moved in much to my surprise. They bought a house together and we moved to it, my siblings and I having only known about him for a week at that point.

      For reference my mums partner earns more than she does so I think he should be paying more in to the joint account in accordance with his earnings but he doesn't, and he doesn't help to pay towards my siblings and I or my mum. On the very occasion (every few months) that he buys something for my mum it's less than a fiver and he acts like he is doing a grand gesture

      So her partner has a personal accounts for personal spends, as does my mum, and then there's a joint account and a savings account. They pay an equal amount in to the joint account and bills come out of it as well as groceries including alcohol, cigarettes, snacks and petrol, and any luxuries such as subscriptions. When that's all been payed for, my mum has a very tiny amount (a tenner a week) in her personal account thats meant to cover clothes, shoes, healthcare, presents (my mum has stopped buying us Christmas and birthday presents for obvious reasons) days out, anything that is not covered by the joint account for her and my siblings and I. Her partner always has hundreds in his personal account a week to spend on himself meanwhile my mum has a tenner a week and I don't think it's right but I don't get a say so there's not anything I can do about it? or is there? I just wanted to get this off my chest