Hi matey.
      I know times are tough and I know what being hated in a family feels like.
      Reaching out to you on your page too, in the hopes something will trigger an email from here to you.
      If life was supposed to be easy, psychology wouldn't have been invented.


      Peace bro.
    • Whatever you do, do not do that. suicide is never a solution for anything. there is always solution to any problem. You have a purpose in this life, don't just give it up. And sometimes even if you feel unwanted would be one of the times where you could do wonders. never waste your life on such lame issues. You have an amazing future ahead of you and waiting for you. When life hits you learn from it. It is always gonna help.
    • It saddens me to here people think about killing themselves. There are options out there better than killing yourself. I was having a really bad time where i was bullied everyday i talked with adults at school about it, but it never got better. seemed everything was against me. I had a physical during the school year when my doctor asked my Mom to leave us alone for a few minutes He asked If I was OK he said you seem down. 20min with him he knew what my parents couldn't see at 15 i broke down crying like a 2 yo and told him how shitty my life was how everything just sucked.
      He prescribed some meds talked with my mother without me my parents got me someone to talk with. I still take the meds everyday I am doing just great. A friends brother kicked the shit out of the bully That Doctor saved me. PLEASE TALK WITH SOMEONE. life is a one shot deal don't give it up