Dealing with a toddler's tantrums

    • Dealing with a toddler's tantrums


      I read this the other day and thought it was priceless:

      When a toddler is kicking and screaming for not getting their own way (in public):

      This only ever happened once to me with my toddler. Once was enough.
      We were in the store, he didn't get what he wanted, and proceeded to EXPLODE, like nothing I’d ever seen.

      So I pick him up, throw him over my shoulder and calmly pay for my item, all while he’s screaming.
      The cashier looks at him screaming, then at my calm demeanor and asks “are you ok?”…
      I calmly replied “yeah I’m fine thanks. Receipt please” all while he’s squirming to get off my shoulder.
      So I walk with him like this, slung over my shoulder, screaming and hitting my back all the way through the mall and to my car. The whole time I just focused on my breathing, remained calm whilst everyone looked on.
      Then we get to the car. I belt him into his seat. He’s still screaming. I get into the front seat. He’s still screaming. And I just sit there in silence. Finally he goes quiet when he realizes I haven’t said a word.
      After a minute or two he asks quietly “Dad?”.
      Me: “Yes son”.
      Him: “Can we go home now”.
      Me: “Sure. But first we are stopping to get ice cream. Would you like some ice cream?”
      Him: “Yes”
      Me: “Well you can’t have any. And do you know why?”
      Him: “Coz.. coz I was yelling”
      Me: “Very good. That's right. Now let’s go get that ice cream”.
      We drive to McDonald’s. I order TWO cones. Then I proceed to slowly eat them with him still in the car. The whole time I’m saying “this ice cream is so delicious. I wish I could share it with you son. I really do. But the way you behaved in that shop does not deserve ice cream. I stayed calm when I got angry with you, so I get ice cream. If you ever behave like that again, I will eat your ice cream every time. Do you understand?”
      He nodded. He understood completely.
      “Good” I said. As I relished the last of my cone loudly .
      He never did it again.