Am I bi? HELP ME

    • Am I bi? HELP ME

      Okay so I am pretty sure I am bi, but recently a few things have made me question if I am. I’ve had crushes on two real-life girls (which never went farther than crushes...I’m not out to anyone yet) and multiple celebrity crushes.

      Then I realized all my crushes were people I could easily be envious of (if I was straight) So am I attracted to them because I want to be them? I don’t know if I could ever envision myself long-term with a girl, much less getting intimate, but I haven’t really thought about it a lot. On the other side of the spectrum I would definitely consider myself boy-crazy.

      TL;DR: Does the fact that I only wanna date hot girls mean I’m not bi, just bi-curious? Am I bi enough?
    • If you want to give it a name, i would call you bi-curious. Or you mix the feelings of crushes with someone you envy/look up to.
      But those terms don't matter. Love who you love and be honest with your feelings (honest towards yourself). In my opinion it doesn't matter what your sexuality is called.
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    • Personally, I think people question themselves too much and too often in this regard. Instead of asking what you are, you should just find an emotional balance and get involved with what your gut feeling is telling you.

      Of course there's always a risk of disappointment, or of realizing that you have taken the wrong way. But that is what's called school of life. You mainly learn from mistakes and hardly when you just think about possibilities. The latter can help ... in case of made mistakes by reflection.

      Or in other words, whether you are bi (or even not), only the experience you'll gain over the years will reveal it to you.