Answering a question a baby lesbian asked me :)

    • Answering a question a baby lesbian asked me :)

      I keep getting this question slot from friends who just came out. Within a week or two of being out of the closet they will ask me "How do you turn on your girl". Most of them didn't even have girls but I still answered. Alright this is for the lesbian babies (the ones who just came out and have no clue on how to please their partner).
      It depends on the situation but for right now let's just say your watching a movie with her. If she is sitting next to you then you can just causally place your hand on her thigh. Continue to focus on the movie but everynow and then just sightly squeeze her thigh or rip circles on her thigh with your thumb. This usually catches their attention. Slowly start moving your hand up to her upper thigh do the same thing as before. Consent is key. Tell her you want her. If she is silent tell her to come to you. :) If she says no then no listen to her. That's the biggest rule listen to her. If she does come have her sit in front of you within arms length. You are now close enough to kiss her. Not yet though. You want to please her. Draw it out. No sudden movements. Pull her closer to you so her back is on her chest. Ask her is that is ok? Remember consent. Now just watch the movie for a while. XD Sure enough to get her irritated. She may start kissing you if so go with it let her take the lead if that is what she wants and you are comfortable with it. If she wasn't turned on enough continue to watch the movie. Ask her if it is okay to place your hands on her thighs. Consent is key. If she says no stop she isn't ready, don't pressure her. Worst mistake to make. If she says yes go ahead. Start from above her knee and move up till your hand is near her core. Ask first. Start to slowly kiss the parts of the neck you have access to. You notice her breathing shift. (Ok baby lesbian don't put harsh standard are rules on your self. You just came out of the closet and this may be your first time getting intimate with a girl. It is nothing like PopcOrn :| So don't just try to get started right away thats not how the body works. Work your way up) Probaly shoulda put that to start] Since it is most likely your first time just expect your breathing to be anything but normal. This is a new experience for you so enjoy it and ASK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. Not gonna go into further detail here. Good luck Baby lesbians :)