My boyfriend changed after quarantine.

    • My boyfriend changed after quarantine.

      Hello everyone , okay to start off i just wanna say that im new here and i really need your opinion on my relationship.

      I’ve been with this guy for over a year now. At first, it went very well. He was a very funny guy and I relate so much to him. I really thought that we were meant together because he made me feel so happy. I cant describe the feeling when i get to talk to him on the phone and irl. I really love this guy.

      But then COVID-19 hits. We didnt get to see each other for a few months and he started to be more passive. We still talk everyday but we always talk about the same thing. I always bring up topics for us to talk about but his reaction was dull.He basically changed. I mentioned it and we talked about it. He promised that he would be more talkative but his word speaks louder than his action.

      Whenever I try to initiate a conversation, he would always reply it with a yes or a no or he just agrees with everything that i say. He does not talk about himself and his thoughts anymore. After a while, I feel like im talking to myself.There is no excitement anymore because theres nothing to look forward to.

      I told him about it but then he apologised and promised to be better. Yet, I dont see any changes.

      What should I do?
    • Hello. Welcome.

      I try to give my thoughts on this. Although it won't be much. Did you ask him if something is bothering him? If he said no and continues to be that passive, give him a week and ask him again while telling him he is different and you wonder why and that it disappoints you. If he still doesn't open up or change - and you get hurt over this - end the relationship. Sounds hard, i know. But if it makes you suffer, there is no point in keeping it going. This could be also a way to kinda wake him up.
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    • I did everything that i could. I asked him if he’s tired of me. If he’s okay. But he said that everything is fine.He’s still talking to me but i feel like our conversation is not as exciting as it used to be.

      Ive been thinking about breaking up with him for a while now. But both of us will be sitting for our final exam in a few months. I dont wanna be a terrible person by breaking up with him before the exam and im afraid that us breaking up would affect his mental health.

      I really love him but i just dont feel the spark anymore :(
    • If your final exam is coming up, focus on that first. That's important for you. Maybe he is stressed out by something and doesn't want to admit or talk about it.
      curious open-minded short but not so short guy from Germany. open for conversations/PMs, all topics, all ages, all genders