Abusive parents and molested by guys.

    • Abusive parents and molested by guys.

      Just a warning in advance that this might be a bit long since there’s so much to say but I’ll try to keep it organized and make sections.

      Abusive Parents
      My dad is an alcoholic and for as long as I can remember he would always beat me and my mom. My mom used to defend me but at some point when I was around 5 she stopped defending me and started beating with my dad. I guess she realized that if she stopped defending me and joined my dad that she could save herself. Before she used to pity me when I got hit and would get sad but after a while she became twisted in a way because she would sometimes laugh in my face after being hit by my dad.

      Being the common Hispanics that they are they’re disgusted by people in the lgbtqia community. I had found out at a very young age that I was bisexual but because my parents are the way that they are I don’t know what they would do if they found out I also liked girls. That’s why I’ve never told anyone about my sexuality not even my gay friend because I just don’t know what I’ll do if my parents somehow find out.

      When I was 5 my parents would sometimes (rarely) take me to a babysitter. On the first day that they took me there the babysitter’s boyfriend had taken me upstairs, pinned me to a bed, and had started kissing me. Luckily it hadn’t gone further than that but it was somethings he would do often whenever he was around. Also the babysitter didn’t know about it because she was taking care of a couple kids. Another incident where I was molested was at the end of the year during 5th grade. Some of the “popular” boys, one of them actually being my crush at the time, where standing behind me in a line. They had started touching my butt. At first I had thought that maybe it was an accident but it kept happening and each time they were bolder and each time I turned around they would be laughing and saying sorry and that it was an accident but when I turned back to face forward they would continue doing it. Eventually a mutual friend told them to stop because I would tell the teacher. I don’t know if he was helping me or them but I’m still grateful. This guy was someone who sat next to me in most of my classes so we would often talk but we haven’t spoken since this incident.

      Mental Illness
      When I was 6 years old my “first” sibling was born. My mom had given birth to my younger brother. At first I was happy but I hadn’t realized what was to come. After my brother was born things took a turn for the worse. My parents started making me, a 6 year old, take care of a baby. After he turned 1 they started leaving me alone with him sometimes. And if anything ever happened to him it was always my fault. They would hit me depending on what happened. If he bumped his head on something and had two bumps then I would get hit 4 times. If he had 3 scrapes they hit me 6 times. When my brother was 4 we found out that he had autism. Even after they found out that he had autism they continued to leave me to take care of him alone leaving the cooking and cleaning to me keep in mind that by then I’m still only 10.
      When I was 10 I found out that I actually had 2 more siblings. They were twins from my dad and some woman he met when he went to his home country. My dad didn’t realize he got her pregnant so he had come back home to my mom. He found out about his kids when the woman dropped the babies off at my grandmas house and left them there, meanwhile my mom was currently pregnant with my brother who has autism. So the twins are actually a couple months older than him. My mom actually didn’t mind much and she even treats the twins better than she does me. She often calls them and sends them gifts since they still live with my grandma.

      I think that’s all. I mean there’s more things I could talk about but this is getting too long already, sorry about that.
    • All of that sounds horrible. It's very brave to be open about it, even if you are anonymous here.

      If this all i still going on, i suggest going to the police. No child, no human of any age, should have to live in such a situation.
      If your country has something like that, you could also contact the Youth welfare office. Both them and the police should be bound to help you.

      I hope you get away from your 'family' as soon as possible to live a life you can enjoy.
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