Looking for advice about a guy...

    • Looking for advice about a guy...


      I am looking for some advice about a guy I like.

      I have liked him for about two months, and I like him more and more when I get to know him. I think about him all the time and whenever im doing something, like literally anything, I think about how much more fun it would be if he was there.

      I love his personality. He is very sweet, cute, funny, smart and just everything I would look for in a guy.

      We are both in high school, and im not really part of his friend group, but I would like to be and they all seem like really nice people also.

      Basically, I have been thinking about him constantly for the last few months and I decided im ready to ask him out because its a waste of my time if he doesnt want to date me, and I would try to find someone else who does.

      I requested to follow his Instagram because I dont have his number, but he isnt very active and he hasnt accepted it, so I requested to send him a message. I am planning to ask him out if/when he accepts it.

      I guess im just looking for general advice about this and im wondering what you guys think I should do?