My puberty experience (M15)

    • My puberty experience (M15)

      I've been reading this forum for a while now, and I notice a lot of people asking about what age different things happened during puberty. I thought I would post what ages things happened to me, and maybe it will be of use to different people reading this. Please remember that puberty is different for everyone. If you are worried you have not started puberty or things are progressing differently than to me, talk about it with your parents or your doctor. Currently I'm 15, and still have a bit longer to go of puberty, but I'll tell you what's happened so far.

      Age 11:
      • I noticed I had started puberty. It's likely my body had started changing a bit before this, but I only noticed when I was 11.
      • A small amount of pubic hair started growing above my penis
      • Soon after I started growing pubic hair, I had my first "wet dream". Wet dreams are also known as nocturnal emissions. Now that I had begun puberty, my body had started producing semen and I started to have sexual thoughts. Sometimes, if you have a sexual dream, your body will actually think it is having sex and give you an orgasm. Waking up to semen in your bed can be embarrassing (and it was for me), but it's completely normal.
      Age 12:

      • My pubic hair had spread and gotten thicker
      • My penis had started to grow a bit bigger
      • I discovered internet pornography
      • I started to masturbate
      • My voice started to get deeper and occasionally crack
      • Hair started to grow on my legs
      Age 13/14:
      • Around this age I notice hair under my arms
      • My pubic hair had continued to spread out, and it also spread to my butt and around my anus
      • I stopped having wet dreams. I think it's because I was masturbating regularly and so my semen was being expelled that way, but I'm not sure to tell the truth.
      • My voice continued to get deeper
      • I began to get a fair amount of acne on my face
      Age 15 (Current):

      • Pubic hair and armpit hair has gotten thicker. It's not quite spread to my thighs, but it will soon I think.
      • My voice has stopped cracking as much, it's only rare now and still embarrassing.
      • The acne on my face has gone for now, but now it is on my back!
      • My penis and testicles have grown a bit more, hopefully they will grow more but I think all guys hope for that.

      If I think of anything else I will be sure to add to this thread. I hope any people reading this found it useful!
    • That is a nice overview what happened when for you. I think you're right. This should be helpful for others to see what will happen and that it can have different timings.
      I better repeat what you said, because some don't know/see this: Puberty is different for everyone.
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