Parents getting divorced

    • Starlord wrote:

      spacenoah wrote:

      I wanted to live with both of them but now it just seems like she is trying to push us away and choose to live with him. I feel bad for saying it but I wish this decision would just happen already so it would all be over
      I'm not sure I understand : your mum wants to go back with your dad ?
      No. I meant I wanted to live with both of them as like a split time thing but with how she has been acting since I told her we needed to talk to someone and our dad has been looking for someone it seems like she doesnt want us in her life anymore and she is trying to get us to decide to live with our dad full time now. Hopefully that makes better sense now. Sorry
    • I have to say I have never had to deal with this subject. I have friends who's parents have divorced and they all say it sucks bad. I could never decide who I would live with, but being older I feel that the decision would be mine, not some judge. being younger you have no control over it and I can't imagine how that must feel.

      But divorce must be better than listening to them fight. I hate when my parents fight but it's usually over stupid things.