Begin my life again

    • Begin my life again

      Heyy its me again. So the question i have isn't so funny as the emojis but its good to have some humour. So i wanr to begin my life again, i want to change everything.
      When i was little i had some bad periods of my life, i got bullied for the first time and because of some health problems my confidence was really, really bad. I stoped meeting new people and even to say hello was really hard. That's why in 8 grade, when i changed school i wasn't ready to go and talk to people freely, without stuttering and without any red face. So i missed the moment and now in 10 grade everyone knows me as the shy girl and even if i go to them and talk they will know me as the weird kid forever.
      Since 6 grade i started to like different culture , different music and i really fell in love with bellydance. I was scared because of other's opinion and i even had some people who wanted me to change. But i never changed and i will never let someone to stop me to realise my dreams.
      Now i understood a lot of things. I understood that i wasn't right with lot of things and i want to live a new life. I even met two new students in my class without any fear.
      I want to change schools, i want to try and find the friends i have dreamt for years. I want to learn Arabic and to finally go to bellydance cources. I want to change my charecter for good. I want to see how happy i was in the best years of my life when i get older. I know it will be really hard but i need change i need to be happy because i deserve it, i am very depressed and only pretend to be happy. Please if someone have experience or some tips please share it with me. I really need someone to talk to..
    • I think if you want to change you need to focus on what you want changed. Plus I think you need maybe a reminder like all the time so maybe get some butterfly stickes in your room. Butterflies are suppose to represent change and new beginings. When I wake up I look at the ones in my room and try to think of good stuff and start my day. Most of all no matter what be grateful.
    • if you find the answer tell me to :D

      I can't really help you, I got bullied, and kinda just ended being shy and not very good with getting friends (people I know, but not someone they want to spend time with)

      I think being you, and doing stuff you want to do is definitely a good thing to start with. And might be people on those courses you could make friends with. Only require one or two friends and they could be ones who could make your life great

      Not really sure what else to say :hugs: other than knowing how it feels to be sad like that, and pretending to be happy because it's easier

      Good Friend :play: Kinda Romantic :love: Ready to Rock :zomg:

      "Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."
    • I want to echo what Jade has said with a bit more based on stuff I've gone through and been reading.

      I’m sorry to hear about your struggles. School and people can be hard. But remember you can and will move through your pain. And that life despite its challenges, is still wonderful.

      I can't really speak to your experience but a bit of advice that could be helpful for the next part of your journey where you seek to rediscover/invent your self would be this:
      It's completely normal to have moments in our lives where we struggle and question ourselves - you are not alone.
      Connecting with and knowing yourself better allows you to move through life -- it helps you navigate life in a more healthy way. It strengthens your ability to get through those moments of struggle.
      So I think its great you are thinking about this and taking steps to discover who you are, what you like and want to be.
      Just make sure you don't do this journey alone. Reach out to family, close friends or another trusted person - they are there to support you.