Addressing teacher as Sir in an adult college?

    • Addressing teacher as Sir in an adult college?

      Hi everyone i'm not in school anymore now as i am 19. I just started a 2 year course in an adult college.
      Anyway i have a male teacher and on the first day i immediately started addressing him as Sir at all times when talking to him. Now this is an adult college and its not the same as school. There isn't a rule that you have to address teachers as Sir but i just find that i like to show respect and saying Sir comes naturally to me.
      I noticed that a couple of others also address him as Sir but most of the people in the class don't and even the ones who do aren't doing it as much as i am.
      I wondered does anyone here think its necessary for me to keep doing this? I should point out that neither the teacher or anyone else in the class has said anything to me about it, the teacher hasn't told me to stop or that i don't need to so i assume i should keep addressing him as Sir.
      Also i was the first one to say Sir on day one and some of the others started saying it after i did so maybe i influenced them haha
      Also i am one of the youngest in the class. The age range is from 18-25
    • I think it’s just a natural way especially when you’ve had to do it while at school, but universities and colleges don’t really expect you to especially as we are all adults (well supposedly)
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