How to Win a Girl's Heart?

    • How to Win a Girl's Heart?

      I could have titled this thread "How to Steal your friend's girl," but winning the girl sounds nicer. Ok, here it is. J is great friends with M. M has been dating Z for eight months. M has expressed definite interest in J. J is interested in M. J feels weird asking M out, because Z is also J's friend, though not a close one. J feels the best way to make things work out is to win M's heart by... well J is stuck there. But J is going to win M's heart and M is going to break it off with Z to be with J instead. Find the value of X, and please tell J how he should win M's heart. Additional information: J is genuinely interested in M, he feels they are great friends and are great for each other, and M isn't too bad looking. M likes J, but is less affectionate toward him when Z is around. Z is a jealous boyfriend. M believes in polyamory, J would rather have one girl at a time, who has one boy at a time. ^^
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