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      Some tips,

      Dealing with parents sometimes can be tough and rough. It may feel like you should be hitting your head against the wall in anger or talking to a brick wall, my parents are like that.

      Its not always rainbows and butterflies with parents, its compromise that moves us along, sometimes you must compromise with them to get anywhere. Giving in and compromises doesn’t mean you don’t have a say in the matter; you can also have your say but its how you choose to give it is what matters.

      When parents yell at you, most times it’s because of something. Most people don’t yell for no reason or even raise their voices. It’s better to acknowledge that you might have done and if you’re at wrong, and then you should own up to it. Attempt to explain the situation from your point of view. Be polite and apologize. Be sincere, even if you don't think you did anything wrong. Don't go off in a rant about 100 reasons why you’re not at fault or your parents are an idiot.

      Mimicking Parents doesn't go over well, even if you think they are out of earshot, normally they hear you and it can create a bigger situation.

      Your parents care about you and sometimes they loose their tempers, its not the end of the world, and it happens to everyone. Even Bill Gates gets mad at his kids but its how you and your parents handle the problems is what matters. You may get angry with your parents, but don't bottle up the rage, or when you blow, it wont be pretty and will not help you with dealing with parents.
      Remember to take some time for both of you to cool down when having a fight with your parents, come back when you can both think straight.

      Relationships in families are built around trust and communication, even if you give the half truth to parents, its better then not telling them the truth and them finding out later that you bluntly lied to them.

      Dating is a choice, not a requirement, and many parents frown upon teens dating when they are young. Most times you’ll hear your parents say "You’re not having a girlfriend, boyfriend till you move out of the house!” there is many ways around this. Avoid finding the jealous type, and don't be the jealous type when you find a relationship because this will cause parents to get very stressful if they find out.. The opposite sex chose to be with you, trust them with everyone else and realize they want you. With a boyfriend or girlfriend, make sure you’re happy with them and they are an okay person. With the right boyfriend or girlfriend, it won’t be hard to win your parents over to let you continue dating them.

      I realized that most teens are rebellious and dislike their parents controlling, but they have been where you are and have seen what the world can do, they have your best interests at heart (Most of them anyways) and want the best for you.

      Remember to smile and use your manners with your parents, its free and it wont cause you any pain! Hugs and affection are also good ways to keep your relationships in the greenzone.

      Don't take advantage of your parents. You may know their weaknesses but don't overdo them or take advantage; normally they will come back and bite you in the butt! Karma with parents does happen. Do something special for your parents sometimes. Sometimes, showing mutual appreciation is the best way to build and maintain relationships. Making breakfast goes a long way to improve your relationship with your parents.

      As long as you communicate, play your cards right, you can deal with parents and have a little less stress in your life.

      Well I hope this helps you somehow, and that you remember that not everything is rainbows and
      butterflies with your parents.
      ~ Cat

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      Well she does this a lot. But now im worried i have to support myself getting my own clothes school supplies and other things i need etc etc cause we haven't talked in a week and shes having all these mood swings she'll be mad and one min later wicked nice.

      Does she have a medical history? Sounds like she's having mood swings. You could always take up a part time job.
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      No but she recently relapsed and starting drinking again. it started off with 1 bottle of wine a week now its a 18 pack in a time period of 4 days. ANd she just had knee surgery and thinks i don't care because i dnt go into her room and ask how shes doing and go straight to my room. I do that because shes fine she walks around the house and does everything she used to except go to work.
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      i am 14 got kicked out becuase i smoked 1 joint outside my house i have a new born sister but i never would ever smoke around her my mom says its danger or injury to a minor and also she says im out of control like im a nice person honestly and i skateboard get good grades i argu with my mom on daily basis cuase she never lets me do anything and the reason of that is becuase she thinks im gunnna smoke marijuana and i mean i have no phone no computer (i do now only for special days) im not allowed to hang out with my freinds becuase they think that every one im freinds with smokes pot . my moms bf(not married) tells and fights with y mom how he wants my computer and my skateboard and how im a spoiled peice of **** and i deserve to suffer. he called my dad a piece of **** and to get out my life. i see my dad rarely but i seem him still and keep in touch he lives in the same city. i mean her bf shouldnt even be in convo with b abuot punishment witch is ofen ad oh yeah to i never get what i want like il get it once a while and they will hold that aggenst me on how i dont get anything. also they tryed to put me in shelter told me to rot in hellll! and the shelter said we dont do substance abbuse and now my grandma who i live with had agrue ments becuase i whent to a lacroos game at my school and my grandma actualy had to come get me and thats why i dont do anything cuase they fight with me just assuming i smoke weed anything i i do.. but i dont. and becuase of thatt// therye lookin towards military school please give me feeeed back and yes i smoked weed and i mouthed off to my mom but telling me to rot in hell and go die and ur just like ur father as a insult i feel like i have to have some say and thats the reason….. me and my moms bf never got allong they will find viseen or lighter and thats it and i would get grounded too hellp feedback advicee and more